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We have listed the best air filter cleaner kits in amazon for you. The way to invest in the right product is to look at the reviews of people who have purchased that product before. With this in mind, we would like to assist you before buying a filter cleaning kit.

1. K&N Air Filter Cleaner

Helps restore your filter to exceptional performance by removing filter-clogging build-up.

This air filter cleaner, a powerful highly effective degreaser that quickly dissolves filter build-up and old oil, allowing filter grime to be rinsed away with water.

K&N red filter oil remains suspended in the pleats of the cotton filter material of High-Flow Air Filters, allowing for exceptional contaminant capture.

Restores air flow efficiency so your air filter performs like new.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Does this air filter cleaner serve only k&n intake brand ? i have different brand and not sure if this work with it?

Answer: I have used on an air filter installed by Harley Davidson. Don't know who the original manufacturer is, but the product works fine and the filter is like new.

Question: Can I use this on my airaid air filter?

Answer: As long as your filter is a cloth/mesh style filter like a K&N - it will work - if it is a foam or plastic type, I wouldn't use it as it may melt or damage the filter.

Question: Can i use this air filter cleaner for the aem dryflow synthetic?

Answer: Yes, this works really well for that filter type.

Customer Review

A must-have if you own a K&N air filter cleaner. I've had my filter on my s2000 for somewhere around 40,000 miles and should have done this cleaning much earlier had I known it was this easy.

The included instructions are simple and easy to follow. There isn't much that can go wrong here. I sprayed the cleaning solution (pump bottle) very liberally and rinsed it off. I performed that cleaning step twice and would probably have enough left to clean it my filter least 1-2 more times though I'll probably just end up replacing the filter after that many miles. Why? Because I have OCD. That's why.

As for the (aerosolized) oil, it can get messy. I'd recommend wearing exam gloves (that's the OCD again). I did two light coats on the outside and one on the inside of the cone. Like the cleaning solution, I also had of this product remaining in the bottle. I probably could have gotten away with just one coat on each side.

This product has great bang for your buck. If cleaning and restoring things back to their original state makes you feel giddy inside, then this product is definitely for you. Kudos to K&N for making such durable filters that are so easy to "recharge" for a fair price. There's no reason to neglect your filter any longer.

2. Maxima 70-799202 Air Filter Cleaner

Maxima air filter cleaner is a heavy-duty emulsion-type cleaner designed to thoroughly clean both foam and fabric air filters without damaging foam cells, paper or glue. This product will remove oil and dirt from air filter elements and easily washes out with water.

FAB1 spray-on synthetic air filter oil (same proven formula as FFT) provides unequalled protection against the elements and may be used on both foam and fabric filters.

Fab1's time proven water-resistant formula will not plug foam cells or migrate off of filters while catching dirt and fine dust without restricting airflow.

Customer Review

I'm shocked with how good this cleaner worked on my filter. I have a truck that I don't use often and had neglected. I was going to just buy a new filter because it was black but decided to try cleaning it first. It came out looking brand new, sparkling bright silver! Worth the money, I'm very happy.

3. Uni Foam Filter Oil & Filter Cleaner Kit

Everything needed to service Uni foam air filter elements; 16 oz. aerosol Foam air filter cleaner and one 5.5 oz. aerosol Foam Filter Oil.

Cleaner's powerful agents quickly strip away grease and dirt, yet won't damage air filters; spray on, let soak in and rinse off. Filter oil traps dirt particles and will not affect airflow when properly applied.

Kit includes: 14.5 oz. aersol filter cleaner.

Kit includes: 5.5 oz. aersol filter oil.

Customer questions & answers

Question: How many cleans will this accompy?

Answer: I get about four out of these. Of course i made very sure i use plenty of the oil on all sides of the filter.

Question: Is this just for rec vehicle foam filters or will it work with car foam filters as well?

Answer: It works on any foam air filters that need to be cleaned and oiled.

Customer Review

Use as directed and it works pretty well, got a lot of dirt out of my Perrin CAI Filter. Let completely dry and you should be good just besure to run water thoroughly inside the filter after applying the air filter cleaner then outside for best results, drying foam filters does take awhile even shaking it a lot so i left it by a fan for about an hour, reoiled the filter and reassembled everything.

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