Best Amp Wiring Kit 2020 Customer Reviews

1. BOSS Audio Systems KIT2 8 Gauge Amp Wiring Kit

So when I read some of the reviews I almost laughed. People claiming this was terrible after trying to use 8 gauge wire for 1000 watts. A simple google search indicates that 8 gauge should have no more than 600 watts or so. I do agree this isnt quite 8 gauge. BUT you get what you pay for. I ran this to a speaker box and amp combo by kenwood and Polk audio speaker.

Max output was 350 to 400 watts. Works perfect. No issues installed everything by the book. Fuse didnt melt wires didnt get hot. Nothing in the reviews has happened to me so far. If you are looking for a kit for a low watt system I reccomend this. This is obviously not competition or professional grade. Sont let these other reviews fool you.

The Boos 8 Ga Audio Sistem Kit comes with excellent quality materials. Depending on your Installation, this amp wiring kit has all the basic items you will need. I spent an additional $6 at Home Depot to compleat my install with enough left over to components to complete my 4 door speaker install. Only wishe that a smaller Amp fues would have been included in the kit. Will order needed fues online.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this amp wiring kit. I wasn't expecting much for the price, but the fuse holder was of good quality, and the included grommets, and hardware were very helpful. If I had to say anything negative, it would be that the ground wire (black) was about a foot short for my install, but I had plenty of red wire leftover from the run to the battery so I used that instead. I would have liked to have red/black in combination but it has no effect on the functionality.

2. InstallGear 4 Gauge Complete Amp Wiring Kit

Ok so let's remember this is a cheap freaking kit. $20 doesn't buy you a good meal these days so please keep this in mind.

This amp wiring kit is not competition grade at all, the wire is CCA meaning the actual core is made of aluminum which as we all know is not as conductive as copper. Aluminum dispels heat quickly and conducts better than standard steel. Aluminum is also not nearly as reactive as copper so over time this will hold up better to corrosion.

These are true 4 gauge wires meaning lots of metal little rubber. For the money you will not get a better wire.

The speaker wire is good for lower power setups, it is 12 gauge so it isnt for a real 2-3kw system. For 800-1200 watts this will work great. To sum up this note is for people building real systems the 5kw "insert cheap brand" amp you are buying for $120 isnt going to put out 5k more like 800-1200 watts if you're lucky.

As for the equipment, the connectors aren't the best but with some work they will do fine. The fuse is 120w if you can blow that with your system you either need to invest more in your wiring or find your short. The rca cables are pretty generic but I've had no distortion issues.

To sum up the whole review for people who hate to read. This is a great, phenomenal, wonderful kit for 20-30 bucks. If you are building a single sub kit in your car or just installing a few subs on a lower end amp this kit will do the job with no issues. If you are building a 1-2k dollar system in your car with a good high wattage amp that puts out proven numbers please invest in a real copper kit preferably 0 gauge.

My two cents for what they are worth to help those of you confused as to why people are putting 1 star and 5 star reviews, they likely dont care that this is a $20 kit they want to spend 20 and get $200 worth of equipment.

For the price, this kit is nice. The quality is fine and I am getting absolutely no "engine noise" from my system using this kit, and that's one of the most important things to me. Make sure you do a good job attaching the ground wire, that's the one that messes a lot of first time installers up. If you install it on a painted part of the car, it may introduce noise. I always grind down the area I'm mounting the ground to, usually around a seat bolt or something fairly strong so it's a nice solid connection.

All the connectors are fine, you will need a crimp tool or a pliers to crimp them. The RCA cables are pretty good quality, and the remote wire is small but works well. Fuse holder is nice, easy to connect and mount. I think the speaker wire is a little small if you are powering a subwoofer, but it works. You can double it up which effectively lowers the gauge by one level (every lower gauge is double the thickness of the previous gauge). This will help reduce resistance which puts less strain on your amp and can result in better sound with less distortion.

Anyway, this is a good amp wiring kit. Price is nice, quality is fine. I'm happy with it.

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