Best Automotive Air Fresheners 2020 on Amazon

If you like fragrance in your vehicle, automotive air fresheners will meet these requests. When I travel in my car, I definitely want to have a nice scent that relieves me. A nice feel-good scent will make the journey both safe and comfortable. We have listed the best preferred car air fresheners on Amazon for you.

1. Febreze Automotive Air Freshener

Febreze CAR cleans away vehicle odors with Odor Clear Technology so they're gone for good. Simply attach this automotive air freshener to the air vent to begin cleaning your car of odors and slowly release a light, fresh scent for up to 30 days. The scent dial puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to select the perfect amount of freshness for you and your passengers. Don't give odors a ride. Eliminate them with Febreze CAR. On low and under ambient conditions.

Customer Review

I LOVE the smell of this automotive air fresheners! If you like the Gain laundry scent beads, you will love this! My car smells amazing everytime I get in and all throughout the drive and I only have it set on low. I have only had this a few days so I cannot speak on the longevity of the liquid before it dries out, but if each lasts more than a month I will be completely satisfied. I would definitely purchase on sale again!

I've only used one freshener so far and these are sooo much better than other ones I've bought. I would say it's lasted me at least 30 days if not longer. Every time I get in my car it smells so nice. I'm a smoker on top of that so I highly recommend these fresheners.

2. Yankee Candle Car Air Freshener

Fragrance-infused paperboard provides up to a month of long-lasting fragrance. Odor-neutralizing fragrance insert shrinks below label to let you know when it's time to replace. Each resealable package comes with 4 automotive air freshener vent sticks that can be used together or separately. Fastens onto your car's dashboard vent and features a slider bar that lets you adjust fragrance strength. Available in 3 design options, each starter kit comes with a bangle, logo charm, and fragrance-filled locket. Easily change or refill your Charming Scents fragrance locket with true-to-life scents that last up to 4 weeks.

Customer Review

I bought these to help my car smell good. They work great! Came packaged well and undamaged. I received a three pack with all three being different car scents. After placing in my car, it smelled it up immediately. The scent is very pleasant but not too overpowering. It did dim down after a couple of days. I have noticed during colder weather that I don't smell it as much. But if the temperature is warmer, the car scent is more prominent. So far it has lasted weeks as it is wax and doesn't deteriorate quickly. Placement is also key.

I first hung it near my floor board and did not smell it as much. But with hanging it from the rearview mirror, I definitely smell it more. I would highly recommend if you are looking for something to help give your vehicle a pleasant odor.

This is my favorite of the fall scents offered by Yankee Candle. I prefer these scents for their grounding in real life smells - there's something decidedly like real apples to this as opposed to more of a candy apple or sour apple scent.

I like the hanging automotive air fresheners best because they do not damage your car and while they are stronger when exposed to high temperatures they do not overwhelm you when driving like the vent ones can easily do if you have the heat on in the car at full blast.

3. LITTLE TREES Car Air Freshener

Add a little fragrance to your life with the world-famous Little Tree air fresheners. Black Ice has a brisk, clean scent and bold, attractive packaging. Like all Little Tree fragrances, it's high-quality, strong and long-lasting. Hang it in your car, home or office.

Customer Review

I bought the Celebrate automotive air fresheners, and they smell DELICIOUS! Just like cake and buttercream frosting. I'm on a diet right now, and when I smell these I feel like I had a ton of sweet sugary cake, so it's helping my sugar cravings! I'm hanging these in my car and near the kitchen where I'm washing dishes, and whenever I turn my car heater on or use alot of hot water, it smells like a yummy cake is baking! I have the bag partially on them, and they still give off a pretty strong scent! Perfect, love these!!!

I also brought some Vanillorama ones as well, but I had to throw them out because of the smell, was expecting a nice pleasant vanilla scent but instead got a sickening sweet scent that's closer to bubblegum! It smells like one of those sugary sodas that contain SO much sugar that they make you gag. I have a sweet tooth and love sugary stuff, but that one's too much for me. I love the Celebrate car scent, it smells just like cake but isn't too sweet! The Vanillorama one though is waaay too sweet. Oh and I noticed when I take the whole bag off, the car scent does not last long, but gradually exposing more in the bag makes a better difference.

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