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Do you like to maintain and repair your car yourself? the reason might be to lower costs or you could really be doing it with this pleasure. Car maintenance and repair without steel jack stand can be life-threatening, you should definitely have it in your garage, if you want to end the maintenance without serious injuries, we have listed below the most preferred 3 ton steel jack stands before purchasing.

Automotive Jack Stands;

1. Torin Big Red Steel: Double Locking

Double locking jack stands that are sold as a pair; Height ranges from 11-1/4" to 16-3/4" with a 3 Ton (6,000 lb) capacity each

Equipped with a double-lock protection feature, increasing safety by 200%

Saddle has a large surface area that provides better contact with the load being supported; Large foot base size of 7-11/16" by 6-7/8"

Single piece, self-locking, multi-position, forged iron ratchet bar provides precise adjustments

Meets ASME safety standards and includes a limited 1 year manufacturer warranty

These are very heavy duty Jack Stands that I have trusted my life with many times! I have used them on my 3/4 ton Dodge Ram several times and I have never even had a thought that they might break. The welds look really good and they used really heavy duty metal to put these together with. The double locking feature is an added bonus to give me piece of mind! Keep in mind these are for trucks and SUV's and will most likely not fit under most cars unless you jack them up way more than what is needed or even safe for basic maintenance work on a vehicle.

These jack stands work great. I’ve never used a set with the double locking pin and I really like that.

They are simple to assemble, just slide the black piece in the red piece and bend the tab over. Self explanatory if you’ve ever used a jack stand before.

Oh and another reviewer complained about how having to assemble a piece of safety gear yourself seems unsafe - something about bending the tab over. The tab just keeps the top from coming back up out of the bottom if you were to pick the jack stand up from the top. The tab bears no weight. Just an FYI to anyone who doesn’t understand the purpose of the tab.

I would question the quality control though. After seeing all the photos of horrible welds, I immediately checked mine upon arrival. I am not a welder by trade, but have done a minimal amount of welding here and there. To me, the set I recieved does not appear to be too bad. There is a spot here or there that isn’t perfect but for the most part I think the welds are sufficient. Possibly the company read these reviews and fixed their QC dept, or possibly I just got lucky. I do wonder why they chose to only weld on the inside and not on the outside though.

2.Powerbuilt Black Alltrade 640912

Dimensions: 9.75"L x 9.75"W x 12.25"H. Patented design combines jack stand and bottle jack in one unit.

Safety bar locks unit at desired height. This jack is for trucks and off road type vehicles.

Portable jack designed to safely Lift and hold both Regular and unibody cars and trucks.

Highly durable. Wide steel base for stability under load. Height range is 11 inch to 21 inch, but its default lift range is 11 to 17.25 inch, it can be raised to 21 inch if adjusted manually.

Strong safety bar keeps jack from lowering once it has been raised to maximum height.

I ordered two of these the other day. Great quality, built tough and get the job done. I loved them so much I bought two more which came in today.... one was another black 3ton all-in-one jack, the other was a grey 6k lbs all-in-one jack.

The grey one is by far better, it has a lever only 2/3 the length of the normal 3ton ones (which I prefer since it doesn't stick out as far), it has five extra adjustable height holes instead of three and it's all round slimmer and slicker.

I have been using my TWO for YEARS now and it still works great! I see on other reviews where customers gave it a very bad rating. It was there own fault that it wasn't working correctly! They were not lifting up up the release lever before bring the jack back down. Like my grandfather always told me when I was ten, " If All Else Fails Read The Freaking Directions... That has been good advice going on 51 years now!

3. Pro-LifT T-6903D Double Pin

Sturdy stamped Steel Construction with 3 ton capacity.

High quality cast ductile iron ratchet bar. Double locks mechanism with both handle locks and mobility pin. Height adjustment mechanism allows smooth upward movement while release handle locks and mobility pin. Meets or exceeds ANSI/PALD standards. Ideal for home, Auto, truck service, farm, and shop use.

I've had and used a lot of different stands in my 69 years and these are better than most. The materials are very good. The supports are heavy iron and the stand is heavy steel with very good welds. The paint is very good too so the person who received a set that was rusty must have been a fluke. (I see his second set was fine.) One thing I really like about these stands is the safety block or pin. It gives the user another level of protection. If, in the unlikely event that the adjustable stop fell out of its slot in the support, the safety pin will stop the stand from collapsing. This could happen if the user accidently banged against the release although that would be difficult when under weight. I see one reviewer gave the stands three stars because they were smaller than she thought. That's unfortunate because she was rating the stands lower due to her own mistake for not reading the product description or Q&A section carefully so keep tht in mind when you look at the overall rating.

I have a nnumber of 3ton jack stands. This month when i was getting the car on the stands I saw that the pin that is attached to the tongue that supports the extension was broken and that is not a good thing LOL. I bought these because they are much safer than regular jack stands because they have a double locking which if you ever been lying under a car will make you feel much safer. Very good product I bought one set but now will be buying another.

4. AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands

Pair of 3-ton jack stands with 6,000-pound capacity total (when used together). Self-locking ratchet means no locking key is necessary; meets ASME PASE-2014 Safety. Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment. Stand can be raised or lowered to the height needed; self-locking ratchet for ease of use. Durable steel frame with rustproof coating; easy-to-read weight capacity. Backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty.

I purchased these jack stands to do my own oil changes. They have saved me a lot of money in a very short time. I have used them now on several occassions to do my own auto work. I am able to work on my own car in safety and with ease because of these jack stands. I am so glad that I purchased them!

I've purchase a few Amazon Basic products before, but these might be the best product I got by Amazon. Nothing flashy or fancy just a solid Jack Stand that does what it's meant to do. Used them to change my rotors and break pads on my 2013 Mini Cooper Clubman. 3 ton may be over kill, but at this price why not go the extra mile.

5. Performance Tool W41022

Rated capacity: 3 Ton (6000 pounds). Lift Range: 11-1/4” to 16-3/4” Heavy duty construction with sturdy/durable steel frame and a wide base to provide strength and stability under load. 2 heavy duty steel jack stands at one low price. Great for cars and light duty trucks.

Strong secure jack stands. Well welded and painted. Deep groove in top requires visualizing where you've placed them on the frame to insure they are secure when loaded. Some white paint missing on the edges of posts (wrapped while still wet?) but never to be a problem. Re-stored in their box after use. Just as imaged on Amazon (July 2016).

I love these Jack stands. I wanted Stands that I could use on my Gen 3 Prius where all I had to do is place them under the door area. The cut in the Jack part makes it work very good. I only bought 1 set to make sure they worked the way I wanted since they did I will be buying another one next time I need to change tires.

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