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You are in the right place for the best automotive jacks. We have listed the most satisfied floor jacks on the market, which are the most preferred for you, below, and we recommend you to read the product articles we share with customer reviews without wasting your money. Because An automotive floor jack is one of the best ways to lift your car safely.

1. Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack

Great jack for lowered cars! It's quite heavy and extremely well made. Rolls easily though on the garage floor. The padded handle has lots of control too for slowly and carefully lowering it back down. After using the stock jack for the past couple years for all my automotive projects I wish I got this sooner!

My old service jack crapped out after about 15 years of use. It was slowly becoming less efficient and harder to use. Finally it quit completely. I primarily used it to service my Toro Zero Radius mower. Since the Toro is so large and heavy, I needed a way to get under it safely to: sharpen the blades by hand, change the tires, and to put the drive belt back on whenever it fell off. Using the lift was also the best way to get under the mower to wash the clumped grass out that builds up when the grass is wet. And we had a record amount of rain this year in Southwest Florida.

This Arcan Service Jack came well packed with good documentation. When I began to put it together I didn't know that there was another label that was still inside the shipping box, so I pondered on a wire that seemed to be holding the handle socket to the lower frame. After looking at it for awhile I realized that the wire must have been part of the shipping protection and I simply tapped it with a large screwdriver and hammer. It shot across the garage with a bang and narrowly missed hitting me. Little did I know that it was under a pretty good amount of pressure. No mention of this wire was made in the owner's manual, so I looked in the shipping container again and found a warning label at the bottom. Of course it was about the wire that I had just removed and stated quite clearly how dangerous removing it improperly could be. Please look for that warning label before taking the wire off!!!!!

Once I slid the handle in the socket and tightened down the bolt, I pumped the handle 10 times to take it to maximum height. I then turned the handle to the left to let the hydraulics deflate and drop the jack back level to the base. This thing is well built, pretty heavy, and lifts my mower quite a bit higher in the air for whatever servicing issues I have. It makes my old jack look like the piece of cheap metal that it was. I just didn't know it until I got this new Arcan model. Very happy with this unit.

2.PITTSBURGH 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack

I was a Little upset when I went to harbor freight and seen a full size jack the the same price but after having it and using it I love perfect for my little garage does not take up much space at all and work like a regular jack I wish it went a lil higher but it is able to left all 3 of my cars and put on jack stands I have a 01 civic 2014 juke 2015 wrx handle came wit a cut in it

Best car jack I have ever used. The PERFECT size for a medium vehicle. The rapid pump gets my big heavy chevy impala into the air in 3 pumps with very little effort. What a dream. Came perfectly boxed and the price in shipping was well worth having it delivered to my doorstep. The photo proves how gorgeous the metals are, and how it dwarfs my old junky blackjack.

Small and compact I have a lowered vehicle and you can squeeze underneath the frame quite easily and doesn't take up very much room in my small garage either

3.BIG RED Torin Aluminum/Steel Racing Floor Jack 2.5 Ton

I had a small two ton jack. It was just not adequate to lift my GMC Suburban. I was looking for an Aluminum racing style jack that could fit under my lowered cars, but still stout enough to lift my SUV. This Torin jack fit the bill.

With the long lever arm, it provided the leverage necessary to lift my heavy full size SUV. It also fit under my lowered sports car. The price is a bit more than most jacks, but still less than the heavy duty Torin aluminum race jack that I was considering. I highly recommend this tool.


Surprising to hear some folks had failures. I wrote this in 2007. I can report. 2016, this Jack is still functioning for me and I still use it regularly.

Owned since 03/2014 Still going strong. Use it regularly on a CRV, Tahoe, and 2500 Suburban. Does need to have air bleed out of it, but it doesn't bend and it is still easy to move around.

4.Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack - 2 Ton

Great little jack to keep in my trunk for emergency purposes.

I drive a little ‘ol Miata and I don’t want to be lugging around my 70-pound Harbor Freight jack in the trunk. The PO also misplaced the factory scissor jack, so I picked up one of these compact trolley jacks.

While this jack works completely as intended, I would recommend to not “daily” this jack for all your DIY repairs/mods. Get a jack with a wider jack pad and where the caster wheels are more spread out to better evenly distribute the weight of your vehicle.

And please, it’s common sense...whether you get a small, compact trolley jack or a heavy-duty jack, purchase some jack stands. Never lift a vehicle with only the jack.

It's bigger than i expected. HOWEVER, paint is kinda cheap and my lever came bended. Im not sure its suppose to be bend but it stills handles like a champ (for now). Recommended for lower cars A+. Also, one of the wheels was off so i had to put that back on and luckily, the manual shows a diagram disassemble.

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