Best Grease for Grease Gun

Are you looking for a grease for grease gun your machines, vehicles. We have listed practical and useful best grease guns below that will make your job easier. We recommend that you review it before purchasing.

Lumax Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease

  • Develops up to 7,000 PSI (480 Bar)

  • Air Bleeder Valve to Release Trapped Air

  • Handy 3-way loading - fill with Standard Cartridge, Suction, or Bulk Fill

  • Outputs 4 oz. (115 g) of Grease per 100 Strokes

  • Complete with 18" Flex Hose, Four Hardened Jaws Hydraulic Coupler with Ball Check, and Non-Drip Cap

Customer Reviews Purchased

After reading all of the reviews, I took a chance on this because I wanted a cheap pistol grip gun that I could use single-handedly as I am learning more about automotive\farm maintenance. Was not disappointed and so far no leaking after servicing two quads, F-350 truck, horse trailer and a riding mower. However...before the first use, I installed a Lumax LX-1403 Heavy-Duty Quick Release Grease Coupler for the gun and promptly threw away the original that came with the gun due to the horror stories from the one-star ratings. Works great for a discount gun, buying another set for work maintenance.

I really am happy with this grease gun. I have purchased others at the big box stores and never been satisfied with both loading the cartridge and getting the air out. That is what is so nice about this gun.


- Easy to load and has three options. Cartridge, Pump in feature or suction. Instructions show full detail of loading.

- Flexible hose is well built and has a cover for the tip

- Leverage to pump the grease is well built and works very easy. No sore hands.

-The cartridge tube is easy to pull spring and locks without twisting to the side like others.

- Construction is high quality blued.

If your looking for a gun that you don't have to spend most of your time trying to get it to work, This is it !

REXBETI Premium Pistol Grip Car Grease Gun Set with Flex Hose

  • Solid construction of steel barrel

  • Includes a 18" flex hose, 2 reinforced standard coupler, 2 metal extension tubes and 1 sharp type nozzle

  • Orange rubber sleeve around the barrel provides added grip in slippery situations

  • Pistol grip handle creates plenty of leverage for all day comfort

  • Heavy duty design

Customer Reviews Purchased

i did a lot of searching and researching. I've always had vintage grease guns because they were made tough. Alas, my favorite vintage grease gun finally greased no more. I didn't have time to go to thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets to try to find another old gun that was tough, and still working. So I went shopping on Amazon, my favorite market place, and began looking at what was "new". I was hoping to find something built tough, like they built 'em in the old days. i looked at a lot of guns, but when I found the Lnchett Grease Gun, I knew I had found what I was hoping to find. The Lnchett Gun looked tough, well designed, and was a complete well thought out kit. It was a no brainer. I'm a relatively busy tech and I've been using this gun for well over a week now, and I know what a good tool is, what a good tool feels like... with my new grease gun, i feel i have a tool I can depend on. That's what I needed. That's what I got.

I bought this Rexbeti grease gun to replace my old, leaky grease gun. I was tired of wasting more grease than I was pumping! This grease gun is awesome, very strong, and I love all the extra features like the padded grip and tip cover. Really, I love that tip cover as I was always worried I'd get dirt in the tip and end up pumping it in the zerk fitting. The pump is smooth, easy to load, and has a strong spring inside. Best of all, no leaks after tightening up all the joints. It also has a nice o-ring in the head (see pics). I didn't know what I was missing until I got this nice grease gun to lube my commerical grade equipment. The extra tubes and nozzles are a bonus too. Great buy! If you found this helpful, please click "helpful" below. Thanks!

Lnchett Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Customer Reviews Purchased

I used grease gun before, but my hand was broken, so I didn't use it anymore. This is a good one. The refueling place is equipped with protective device, so it's safe to be caught again.

This is a solid construction of heavy duty steel barrel. It is not an expensive investment but with its 2 year warranty, i decided to give it a go. It does the job and very easy to use. The thickened rubbery sleeve around the barrel provides added grip in slippery situations. Great product!

Good trigger feel with soft plastic handle, love the additional attachments eventhough I will probably use the one atrached the most to grease up the ball joints on our truck. Wish there was an easier way to get the grease into the gun but this is a great product! I don't have to wait for the shop to grease up the joints now and can do it myself for a fraction of the cost!

Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun 6000 PSI

Canister is built with a cold drawn steel tube providing high durability, the low variance ID feature prevents grease leakage from occurring in bulk application. Non-slip rubber grip provides higher griping friction. Working pressure up to 6000 psi.

Includes 18 inch Heavy Duty Reinforced Flex Hose with Spring Guard and coupler, and a 5-1/2 hard metal extension tube with sharp nozzle.

Customer Reviews Purchased

The grip was very comfortable and I was able to grease the 54-yr-old shackles as if they were brand new, it used to be a real strain with my old grease gun. This grease gun will save you time and grease too since I had almost no mess at all. Highly recommend this one!

I am a millwright at a large factory and grease about 400 zerks per day..

This gun is very light weight, easy on the muscles and develops a lot of pressure.

Has a great Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Handle for Ease of Use.

Great to open zerks that have jammed seal balls.

The pressure developed and the excellent grip by the coupler blasts stuck sealing balls easily with little effort.

I chose the rigid extension for one handed operation.

I love the ability to mount the extensions either on the top or the front, very convenient for any application.

The excellent heavy duty pump design and rubber grips makes it easy on your arm muscles... "No carpal tunnel with this gun."

The non-slip rubber on the body makes cartridge changes effortless, and easy to hold even with greasy hands.

and it has a really good T- handle that is very easy to use. Easy to use push button air bleed valve.

The coupler grips so good. "This is the only grease gun I have ever used that doesn't pop off and squirt grease all over."

And best of all the affordable price...

It's the best looking grease gun I have ever seen, all chromed out like a hot rod... Definitely the Cadillac of grease guns.. lol.

If you are looking for a grease gun, "Look no further", this is what you want. and you cant beat the price.

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