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Rolling garage chair one of the comfortable and ergonomic tools that will make your job easier when you want to maintain or repair your car in the garage or your home garage. Great mechanics creeper chair, which will make your work easier and have the equipment you need during your work, have been developed and presented to you, we have listed the most preferred garage roller seat below for you before purchasing.

1.WEN 73011 Rolling Mechanic Seat with Onboard Storage


Thick and absorbent vinyl-protected multi-layered padding maximizes protection and comfort Featuring four ball-bearing swivel casters for easy movement in all directions Organize screws, bolts and tools with the 150-square-inch storage tray

Holds up to 250 pounds of evenly distributed weight

This rolling seat is awesome it took less then 15 minutes to assemble with out any issues and seem sturdy enough for anyone under 200 lbs

I put it to use this last 2 days cleaning my rims and wheel wells and it’s great for polishing the sides of the car, wish I had these years ago could of prevented a lot of where and tear on my back and knees and less not forget about the tray it help keep everything together as you move around the car a real time saver. Very satisfied I would recommend

I keep this locked to the side of my service cart. It works great. Casters are decent quality, it is a comfortable height, and its sturdy. If I didnt keep it locked up, i could see it being destroyed in a week around the shop. But i take care of it and dont try to roll over stuff or overload the parts/tool tray. Worth the money, just dont expect anything that can take serious abuse for this price.

I also recommend putting loctite on all the bolts when assembling it. Ive seen too many stools and creepers that the bolts back out, which if you dont tighten it up right away itll cause more problems.

This is great little mechanic seat for the money. I am not a serious mechanic or anything to where I would be using this thing non stop or day in and day out but it great for rolling around the garage floor and cleaning wheels or working on things that require continuous bending. I highly recommend it!

2.Pro-Lift C-3001 Pneumatic Chair

- 15 to 20 Inches Adjustable Height - Convenient Tool Tray - 5 Heavy Duty 360 Degree Swivel Casters - Reinforced Vinyl Covered Cushion Provides Added Comfort

- Capacity: 300 Lbs

- Adjustable Height: 15 to 20 inch

- Casters: 5 pcs

- Item Weight: 13 Lbs

I cannot stress enough how much I love this stool! I use mine in the house, but only because I don’t have concrete in the barn yet and it wouldn’t roll in there.

I do A LOT of craft projects, and tend to have a lot of items out at once. That means I have to move around a lot to gain access to them. This stool is perfect for my craft area, because I can just roll over to the other side of the table or whatever.

I especially like the shelf on the bottom of the stool, because I can store tools or small items there for use off and on, without them cluttering up the work area. And, it moves easily up and down, so it works great for the different levels that I work on. I’m currently working on a dollhouse, and I go between working on the first and second floor or roof, while also putting together small parts on the table. Being able to adjust the stool makes it so much easier!

Assembly couldn’t be an easier. Take it out of the box, put the top on the bottom. That’s it, end of story. No need for special tools or trying to figure out instructions written by someone who can barely speak English.

So over the years I've been detailing my car and most of the time I've used nothing to sit on or a small chair that is upstairs in a closet that I bring down and move back being a huge pain. I read the reviews on this stool and it seemed good enough and cheap enough to buy. One thing I was leery about was one review had issues with it tipping. So far I've used this quite a bit and have had no issues with it tipping. I'm an average size guy 6' 200lbs and don't have problems moving around the garage or car while I'm cleaning it.

My garage is small and I leave enough space to get around the front bumper and back I have to hang out or go out of the garage door which means going over the lip buy the door entrance. Still no problem. I'm fairly athletic and just hold one or shift my weight with my legs and move it where I need to. I don't need it to be much higher than the lowest setting. I'm sure that you raise it and heighten your center of gravity it will obviously effect that. But for me this is a great product that helps me better clean my cars with out killing my back or knees.

I recently bought some ONR Wash and Wax and I've used it to clean or wash my car without a lot of water and this help tremendously. I don't have tools but the tray below is plenty big and would work well to hold anything small you need. There are five wheels which to me is more stable than the other four wheel stools that I've seen. The wheels roll smooth and again I'm in a nice smooth garage but while I'm cleaning the back bumper I'm rolling around on the more course concrete and they roll fine. Overall I'm pretty happy with this purchase I'm sure it's a must in some professions that work on cars or detail cars on a daily basis. As for occasional need for me it's great and I would highly recommend.

3.Traxion 2-700 ProGear Mobile Rolling Gear Seat

  • The large Gear Tray spins so you can easily access your tools and parts; Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

  • Adjustable height to a very low profile made possible because of the drops sleeve

  • Huge 5" Casters made of Hard TPR Synthetic Rubber for a best in class mobility

  • Race seat is comfortable even for long periods of time, racing inspired seat is made of heavy-duty materials and hand-made craftsmanship

  • Carry handle built right in the seat to allow you to carry this seat with one hand

Love this chair!

The large wheels roll over small imperfections in the garage floor with very little effort. Very different from rolling mechanic seats with small wheels. After a year the wheels are still holding up very well. I do NOT have little ball bearings falling out all over the place. The vertical adjustment works well and often I can get low enough to use this chair instead of a creeper ( I work on small planes). The 4 stars for sturdiness are because after a year some of the seat is becoming unstitched. I bought a second chair because someone else in the shop is always using my first one.

Allows this old guy to get the lower levels of the his vehicles cleaned and waxed. Being a little OCD about the cleanliness of my vehicles is becoming challenging as I get older. This rolling chair lets me get the bottom panels and wheels and tires without the need to call a crane to get me off the floor. Big wheels allow me to roll over things in the way. I am a big guy, so it works well to move my big a$$ around the vehicle. Would recommend.

4.Torin TR6300 Red Rolling Creeper Garage/Shop Seat: Padded Mechanic Stool with Tool Tray

  • Rolling creeper seat allows you to work in your garage or workshop in comfort

  • Features a soft, fully padded seat for added cushioning, making it comfortable to work on your car, truck, SUV, van, and more

  • Large, segmented tool tray storage keeps your tools and equipment within quick reach

  • Constructed with heavy-duty tubular steel for stability and long-term durability, supporting up-to 250 lbs

  • Equipped with (4) 360-degree swivel casters which deliver smooth and precise movements

This Torin Creeper Seat is SAVING MY BACK! I do a lot of work in the garage, on my car, on my kayak, on the lawnmower, and I'm always down on the ground or crouching to get my work done. This is the perfect height for me to comfortably scoot around the garage and basement to get all my work projects get done. The tray on the bottom keeps all my tools, nuts and bolts organised and within arms reach. I can't say enough good things about this Torin Creeper Seat. Excellent quality,soft cushion, smooth rolling wheels, great product at an excellent price. Do your back a favor- and get this Torin Creeper Seat!

I use this every day 6 days a week at a professional automotive shop. This thing is very comfortable. Very sturdy. Very well made. That's all the room you need to put almost all the tools you use underneath your seat. The casters are great they never get runs perfectly around the shop floor and our floor is greasy dirty grimy has holes in it has bumps chunks of cement missing and the casters still roll over it.

I love this so much almond get another one put in my garage at home.

5.Sunex 8514 300-Pound Capacity Telescoping Tractor Seat

  • Air cylinder for easy height adjustment

  • Heavy duty, chrome finish casters with rubber tread for easy of mobility

  • Large, reinforced 17-Inch diameter 1-Inch deep tool tray

  • Low height 18-Inch, height 22-Inch. seat width 16

Has to be the best rolling work chair on the market... the hardened plastic seat has nice give/play to contour to your curves. the wheelbase is smaller than the seat which allows for the user to move their feet directly underneath their body for easy maneuverability. the wheels are rubber and make rolling a cinch. the lowest setting is comparable to other chairs and the hydrolic lift works flawlessly. the caster seem to be durable. this is the only area that may be an issue down the line.

I build heavy trucks. Plenty of room under the chassis. This creeper provides great comfort, ease of mobility and wheels that don't get locked up on a zip tie. It is not useful for lower clearance cars or trucks because of the size of the wheels. The adjustable head rest doesn't go high enough for welding or extended view. What Sunex should add is onboard tool tray to make it more functional. Overall, I will buy it again when the time comes to get another one.

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