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If you are using a bicycle, one of the most important needs for your phone is the bike phone mount. Our phones have become one of our most important tools, we have to take them wherever we go. Bicycle users need additional equipment for their phones. There is a lot of products and brands in the market, which is a solid, high quality device that will keep our phone safely, I want to help you to get the right one of them. I have listed the 3 most popular and admired bike holders on the internet for you below.

1. Syosin Bike Phone Mount

360 Degrees rotation bike phone mount, freely adjust your phone to any angle that suits your need when you are riding. The design of our bike phone mount will not block any buttons and allows you to access all the buttons easily.

No need to disassemble the whole bike phone holder. You can rotate phone holder to take your phone from the bike for emails, calls, selfie during a biking journey.

Different from plastic mount, this flexible silicone can absorb some vibration. This bicycle phone holder can withstand powerful vibrations and shocks. Additional, the soft silicone holder won’t cause any damage to your valuable cellphone.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Will it work with an iPhone 8 plus in an otter box?

Answer: I have an iPhone XS Max with a otter box and it fits my phone so it should fit your phone.

Question: Can I use this on a stroller?

Answer: Yes, you can use this phone mount on a stroller.

Question: Will it work with my attached pop socket?

Answer: It works just fine with the pop socket.

Customer Review

This cell phone holder is simple, light weight and strong, it stays in place and does what it has to do, hold my phone very strongly , it is 360 degrees rot-able and it can easily be place in my scooter handlebar.

This bike phone mount is super secure and easy to use. The silicone strap holds the phone and can come on and off the handlebar with ease. This is perfect for recording my bicycle rides and using my phone while riding.

2. Homeasy Cell Phone Holder for Bike

Made by premium, lightweight Aluminum Alloy, this bike phone mount can support 40 pounds pulling force. Four Edges are designed with Eagle Claws, securing each corner of your phone tightly to the mount.

Adjust and secure your phone in any angle and position, allowing safe hands-free phone access on the road. Note: Please tighten the screws firmly before riding or driving.

The bicycle phone mount can be installed on handlebar and fit for almost ANY vehicles on the market such as MTB/mountain Bike/E-bike/Folding bike/scooter/motorcycle etc.

Customer questions & answers

Question: whats the hight of the mount claws ? in inches

Answer: The top is 3” from the bottom claw but the top is only on the side of the phone where the bottom wraps around.

Question: Will this mount work with handlebars thickness of 2 1/2” (63.5 millimeters)?

Answer: A standard handle bar yes.

Question: Can this mount be used with a protective phone case still on the phone?

Answer: Yes, the bike phone mount can hold items from 3.5-6.2 Inch, you can put your phone with protective case on it. It have cushioning adhesive patch for clamp can reduce vibration as well as avoid phone surface scratches.

Customer Review

I've used at least 10 bicycle phone mounts over the last 3 years. They've ranged from really bad to just ok. They have either broked (at plastic stress points) or vibrated loose, in very short periods of time. Up to now, this has been the best bike phone mount I've used. Though only time will tell if it holds up to my four days a week of riding. My only real complaint so far is the center bolt has loosen up a couple of times, so I've just started checking it before every ride and carrying an allen wrench with me when I ride just in case.

3. Bovon Bicycle Cell Phone Holder

Fully free adjustable 360° rotation for viewing your phone at the most desired angle (horizontal, vertical or any angle you want), which makes your journey easier and more comfortable.

Stretchable rubber belt makes bovon bike phone mount 100% fit any smartphones with 4.5" -6.5" screens. It works well with iPhone 11 Pro Max/11/11 Pro/X/XS/XS MAX/XR/8/8 Plus/7/6, Samsung Galaxy S20/ S10/S10e/S10 Plus.

Easily attach and detach in seconds from handlebars with diameter size 18-43mm. Widely used on bicycle, motorcycle, stroller, treadmill, shopping cart, scooter, wheelchair and any other round handlebar. You can even use it as a phone stand on the desk for movie watching.

Customer questions & answers

Question: How does the 360 rotation works? I cant seem to find the way.

Answer: There are two parts of this bike phone mount. One is phone holder and one is mount base. You can rotate the phone holder.

Question: Can I remove & put back my phone into the straps without removing the entire unit?

Answer: Yes, you can do with entire unit on bike because the silicone strap is flexible to operate.

Question: How to mount it on handlebar?

Answer: Here is the right installation. 1. Just wrap adjustable belt around the roll bar. 2. Push it through the hole. 3. Tighten the nut and it's done!

Customer Review

Bike phone mount took all but a minute to unpack & mount onto my bicycle handlebar. The mount itself is plastic and sturdy. The dial adjustment tightened up real nice on my 3/4 inch bar and could fit a bar double in size. Phone attached easily inside the stretchable, yet firm silicone like holder. Minimal phone bounce and no mount movement riding around the park on solid pavement. Small footprint makes the mount unnoticeable when phone is not attached.

Super easy to use GPS or answer a call, without digging in my pocket for my Samsung Galaxy S7. My wife now wants one so she can FB & ride!

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