Best Black Leather Steering Wheel Cover 2020

If you want to buy black leather steering wheel cover, we recommend you to review the 3 brands we listed for you in the article before buying. If you want to buy a quality product that is odorless, non-slippery, non-sweating heat-resistant, be sure to review this article that will make your job easier. I hope you will be satisfied.

1. SEG Black Leather Steering Wheel Cover

-Made of smooth and durable microfiber leather -Skidproof, stable, heat resistant -Healthy and driver-friendly -Suitable for middle-size steering wheels with diameter 14 1/2 inch to 15 inch(37cm to 39cm) -Perfect decor for your car, also protect your steering wheel

Customer questions & answers

Question: Is it odorless?

Answer: Yes, it is odorless.

Question: Will it work for heated steering wheel?

Answer: You may need to measure the out diameter of your steering wheel, this cover will fit all standard size with 14 1/2 inch to 15 inch steering wheel,

As for the heated efficient, it might lower the efficient if you add this cover, but we are not sure that how much lower.

Question: Are there any toxic chemicals?

Answer: Please don't worry that all metarials are Eco-friendly, will have no toxic chemicals.

Customer Review

i’m really happy with this steering wheel cover. i am adding blue touches to my car and this was the perfect thing for that, not to much but noticeable! i was worried after i ordered it that the blue was gonna be to light, i wanted it to be a deeper electric blue and i was happy to see that it was the perfect shade of blue! the application was actually pretty easy, i places it outside in the sun for a little so it would loosen it up and i could maneuver it better and that helped a lot.. i just started from the top and worked my way down. It feels nice on my hands and the grip is great.. it adds a little size to the steering wheel but not to much and it looks great. I’m really glad i bought this cover! especially because it matches my silicone key fob case perfectly as you can see in the pictures! i would definitely order again!

2. Valleycomfy 15 inch Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover

Heavy duty genuine leather steering wheel cover, weighs 1.3 pounds+,nice soft thick leather gives you more control on the road. Inside a 100% odour free and skidproof lining ensures a constant reliable grip,your steering wheel will Warm in winter and cool in summer.

This Genuine leather steering wheel cover requires hassle-free installation. Simply slip it right on to your steering wheel and your good to go. Just place the cover on top of the steering wheel. Press and hold the upper part of the cover and gradually lower it with both hands on either side to tighten.

Suitable for all standard size steering wheels from 14.5 inch to 15.25 inches in diameter.

Skidproof, stable, heat resistant,A better grip on the steering wheel gives you more control on the road.

Skidproof, stable, heat resistant and relieve driving fatigue,Genuine leather material bring you a great touch and feel.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Does it make the steering wheel bulky?

Answer: No not bulky, nicely padded, feels very nice,easy to grip for turning,relaxing on hands during driving.

Question: Is it odorless?

Answer: Yes, it is odorless.

Customer Review

Better than I expected. Great quality for the price. Looks great, nice soft leather. As others have said in their reviews, it's a tight fit, but I think you really want it that way. Leather stretches with time so you need to take that into consideration. Think about a new pair of shoes that fit pretty snug, and how they fit by the time they're worn out.

When installing, center your steering wheel, then start at the top lining up the center of the steering wheel with the top center of the cover, then hold the center tightly and install the cover between 12 and 9 (like the numbers on the face of a clock). Continuing to hold the center tightly install cover between 12 and 3. It goes on easily but from here it starts to get tight so work a little at a time, from 3 to 4 then from 9 to 8 continuing to hold the center tightly. This is very important as once this is installed you won't be able to adjust it.

When it gets really tight, you just have to work it on the best you can alternating from left to right. At the very bottom, I was able to work one edge of the cover onto the steering wheel, then I grabbed the cover with both hands and rotated to slip it on. It worked great but the first time I did this I didn't hold the top tight enough when starting out and it was a bit off after it was installed. I took the cover off and tried again, this time holding very tightly until I advanced enough that the cover was so snug it wouldn't slip, only then using two hands to finally rotate the cover into place. Very happy with this purchase.


March 2019, a year later and the cover still looks and feels like new. I do use a windshield cover to block the sun in summer so that might have helped. Overall still happy with this purchase.


End of February 2020, almost 2years after purchase and the cover still looks and feels like new. The only thing I have done is to use a good leather conditioner once in a while. Still extremely happy with this purchase.

3. BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover Black Microfiber Leather

The outer PU material wraps and decorates the steering wheel cover, which is comfortable and saturated. Full sense of operation.It also applies to the D-type / flat bottom steering wheel.

The inner silica gel is white with no impurities. There are mesh stripes inside and the friction is stronger. Driving safer.

Polyester fabric on both sides, good water absorption, strong breathability. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and is universal in all seasons.

Suitable for steering wheels between 14.5" and 15" in diameter.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Does this cover get hot in summer - for real, not just the advertising? Live in desert and steering wheels can get too hot to touch.

Answer: I live in the desert as well and, so far mine hasn’t. I’ve only had it since October. I really like this steering wheel cover though.

Question: Does cover smell weird? Or have any bad odors?

Answer: No odor at all. And my husband said it was easy to put on. I really like it.

Customer Review

I drive a wicked awesome 2017 Jeep Wrangler. I bought the steering wheel cover to match the other interior accessories I have including seat covers. I bought the black steering wheel cover and I am impressed that it looks expensive and modern for $20. After reading the other reviews I was skeptical but I am extremely happy with my purchase. Before my steering wheel was like driving with thin spaghetti now my steering wheel feels like a big fat piece of strong rigatoni. I think if I didn’t drive an SUV I would be unhappy with this purchase because of how thick it makes the steering wheel feel but with an SUV it just feels right.

I’m trying to convince my husband to buy one for his truck. I did find it a little hard to put on but overall it took me about five minutes in the dark with my dog “assisting”. In summary, this was a great purchase that I think will last years.

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