Best Blind Spot Mirror | Buyer Guide 2020

Do not worry about blind spots in your mirrors while traveling with your car. Below we have listed the 3 best products for you.

1. LivTee Blind Spot Mirror

2 pieces packaged, newest upgrade 360 degree rotate and sway adjustable, maximize your view with wide angle in car. All convex spot mirrors are equipped with tiny adjustable swivel mounting bracket for easy installation.

Convex mirrors increase safety by eliminating blind spots for safer driving when passing and changing lanes on any road. Perfect for any Car, Van, SUV and Trucks.

Our 2" HD Glass Curved Blind Spot Mirror is frameless and has a slim design, IP65 waterproof, rust resistant, Convex ultra thin HD glass, no haze rear view side mirror.

Customer Review

I didn't read up on these as a blind spot mirror is a convex mirror. can install it fixed or with the ability to adjust it. It works great on my Jeep Wrangler as the mirrors leave something to be desired in seeing what's in the lane next to me. These are more expensive than ones I've bought before, but they are the best I've ever bought. The packaging is excellent as well and protect the mirrors so you get them without any scratches. Directions, while not really needed, are clear and concise as well.

This is perfect for my Honda Pilot. I have lane view on the right but not on the left. So this helps me focus on thr road ahead and see if there is anyone in my blind spot mirror.

2. Kribin 4 Pack Blind Spot Mirror

All universal vehicles car fit blind spot mirror stick on. Upgrade 360 degree rotate and sway adjustability maximize your view with wide angle in car. With curved male face frameless ultrathin slim design, IP65 waterproof and rust resistant, the glass will not haze. Strong stick-on glue for solid stick and pressure-sensitive tape installation. The package comes with FOUR blind spot mirrors. No blind spot any more.

Customer Review

The package includes 4 circular rimless mirrors (somewhat convex) with 4 swivel mounts. Each of these pieces has its own double-sided tape in the back for easy installation. I’ve had them on for several days now and I have had no issues. Still need to see how they perform in rainy or snowy conditions but they’re holding up to the heat so far. If it would bother you to see the back of the mirror (if using a swivel mount), you could attach the mirror directly on your existing car mirror. The swivel allows you to rotate the mirror outwards though, so you get a much better field of vision.

I bought these in the cold days of late February in northern Ohio and applied them on a "warm" 40 plus degree day. I've had plenty of snow, ice, and rain on these since then, and they are sticking! They help so much! My advice is if you are considering buying these for your car, check out your friends' cars that have blind spot mirrors on different areas of the rearviews and see which gives the best coverage for the blindspot without getting in your visual way. Where I placed the mirror on the driver's side mirror is different from where I placed the passenger side mirror, simply from the angle of viewing involved. Take your time, do it right, and you'll not regret it.

3. LIBERRWAY Blind Spot Mirror for Cars

Blind spot mirrors provide broad vision on either side of cars, eliminate blind spots, increase driving safety and prevent accidents, particularly at high speeds on busy motorways. No blind spots anymore!

360°rotation + 20°sway adjustable side mirror blind spot, maximize your view with wide angle in car to avoid any accident or collision during lane change or reversing.

Blind side mirrors are made by waterproof and the HD glass will not haze. Each blind spot mirror stick on comes with super strong 3M adhesive that keeps them firmly in place. It takes seconds to install, but makes lifetime safe.

Blind spot mirrors for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs and vans. Suitable for interior or exterior use, can be used as a rear view mirror in the car to ensure the safety of the child or passenger side mirror to observe the vehicle before getting off.

Customer Review

I took a chance on this blind spot mirror based on the majority of good reviews. It is elongated rather than round with a tilt, if needed. It is also a good size so that it doesn't block nor interfere with the regular side mirror. I needed the blind spot mirror as I regularly back up when parking but couldn't see the curb or lines from the passenger side mirror.

Now, as you can see in the photo, I placed it on the bottom of the mirror and tilted it slightly downward. Perfect! I can see the curb without having to adjust the side mirror. And the adhesive is strong. It hasn't fallen or come off the side mirror. The package contains two mirrors which is great since my husband also needs one for his vehicle. I recommend it!

I have been using these mirrors for over a month now on the bottom outer corners. Since the day I put them on, I have been driving with much more confident cause there is seriously no blind spot with them on- huge coverage both left and right. Might be more than the little circular ones. If you change how you sit as often as I do, you will love the fact that the angles are adjustable.

Super sticky, i pulled on them few times to see if they will come off but the mirrors did not move! So be very careful when sticking them on. On rainy days, these mirrors still provide clear visibility. Highly recommend if you drive a sedan.

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