Most Preferred Car Roof Cross Bars 2020

If you like to go to the activity with your car frequently or on holidays, you should definitely have car roof cross bars. Because it is important for you to carry your belongings for the activity you do. Below we have listed the brand that we like you can buy 3 for you to evaluate.

1. CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum Roof Top Cross Bar Set

With 150 lbs load capacity whether it’s a kayak, mountain bike, or skis, these cross bars will get your favorite toys to where the fun happens. A heavy duty clamping mechanism ensures the cross bars will remain firmly fastened to the existing side rails, and the keyed locking mechanism will make sure they stay put. Fits a maximum of a 46” span between side rails, providing ample room for your gear. Fits most vehicles with existing raised side rails with gap.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Anyone put them on a 2014 Jeep Cherokee?

Answer: I have a 2014 Jeep Cherokee and these work perfectly.

Question: It will fit for toyota sienna 2014?

Answer: Yes, I had them installed on a 2011 Sienna.

Question: What is the diameter of the crossbars?

Answer: 3 x 52.5 x 5.8 inches

Customer Review

This fit perfectly on my 2014 Toyota Sienna van. The bar is so sturdy and easy to put on, I recommend it to anybody who is looking for a product in this category. We've used it to lug three kayaks about 1000 miles and bikes 1600 miles (it was a fun summer).

I feel like this is a great value for the price paid. The kayak racks were so hard to install (a different product) that we've decided to just leave the kayak racks on the cross bars, and buy a separate pair of cross bars for the bikes or other equipment.

Also, at one point, we had the kayak racks on the van, but had to pull into an underground parking garage where we wouldn't have clearance to have the racks on top. We jumped out and were able to remove the cross bars from the van in just a couple of minutes, then we put them back on, again, in literally a couple of minutes. These are great, great, great cross bars.

2. YITAMOTOR 54" Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars Adjustable

Four padded clips protect your vehicle from damage and scratches. Compatible for Car, Vehicles and SUVs with Existing Raised Side Rails with a Gap. Please check that it is suitable for your vehicle to ensure proper installation.

The cross bars provide a perfect foundation for the installation of bike carriers, cargo boxes and other rooftop accessories. Used for carrying kayaks, canoes, luggage, snowboards, skis bikes, fishing poles and so on.

Low-profile and streamlined design makes it effective in reducing wind resistance and noise. It is safer during driving.

Made of marine-grade aluminum alloy to support luggage, ladder or cargo with a support weight of up to 150 lbs(68 kg).

Come with necessary installation tools, and easy to assemble and disassemble in a few minutes. The width of this crossbar can be adjusted. The rubber pad on the bottom prevents damage to the car's paint.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Will this fit to ford escape 2012?

Answer: Yes, this will fit your 2012 Ford Escape with raised side rails.

Question: How can I attach a kayak on these roof rack cross bars?

Answer: You can use our roof rack cross bars to carry a kayak.

If you prefer not to buy kayak racks, you can also use ratchet straps or lashing straps.

Just make sure that you follow proper tie down procedures when doing so.

Question: Will it fit on a ford flex?

Answer: Yes, it will fit on a Ford Flex as long as there are Existing Raised Side Rails on the roof.

Customer Review

We needed cross bars in a hurry and these were the ones we chose due to fast shipping options and good reviews. We mounted them to our 2016 Toyota 4Runner and they hug the factory roof rack bars like a champ. This particular 4Runner has stickers on top of the roof rack that shows you were you should place cross bars. We used those markers and they were spot on. As shown in the picture we used these bars to support a Thule cargo box. The position of the box is somewhat dependent on the placement of the cross bars. All in all, everything feels very secure and installation was a breeze.

Recommend using a ruler on each side to ensure everything is aligned. There is a significant amount of wind noise coming from the cross bars even when the cargo box is not mounted. Gas mileage was lower than usual with these bars and the box mounted but that was to be expected. I believe the numbers were only about 3-4 mpg lower than usual so not a major difference. We were also crossing the Appalachian mountains so that didn't help the mpg numbers either.

If you need cross bars because your vehicle didn't come with them or you don't want to fork out the money for factory bars this will suit your needs. The only consideration is that some factory bars may yield better gas mileage because they sit lower and more inline with the roof rack bars. However, the extra height of these bars worked well for us because our cargo box needed to clear our GPS antenna. Highly recommend these bars so far and we've driven over 3K miles with them on there. I'll remove them once we get settled in our new house so if there are any issues at that time I'll update this post.

3. CAR DRESS 53" Aluminum Luggage Rack Crossbars

Our roof rail crossbars design is the most advance form of roof rail attachment available. Not only simple to install but fit 80% of side rails. Fits a maximum of a 53” span between side rails. The 2 kinds of mounting clamps with rubber will not scratch your vehicle paint,meantime it can Increase friction.Once installed the crossbars the 4 keyed locking mechanism will prevent theft.

Above 80% cross bars roof rack do not have under seal strip,so when you driving,the cargo crossbar make big nosie/howling. When you installation our vehicle crossbar on your car, please put the under and upper rubber straps on the cargo crossbar,it will minimizing wind noise.

The Max Load of the cross bars reach to 180LBS. Aerodynamic profile to reduce noise and drag for improved fuel economy.Whether its a kayak, mountain bike, or skis, these cross bars will get your favorite sports accessories to where the fun happens.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Would this item fit with the 2019 chevy blazer?

Answer: Yes. Our roof rack crossbars provide 2 angles of clamps, you can use the smaller one.

Question: Will this work on my 2018 jeep compass? I have no gap just a groove on the outside of my rails.

Answer: YES ! The side rail has a groove is fit for our crossbars

Question: Does it fit the 2019 BMW X5?

Answer: YES ! Use the small angles of clamps

Customer Review

This design is definitely the best & strongest aftermarket crossbar design I’ve seen on Amazon, because the adjusting clamps are on the outside of the roof rails, which is inherently stronger than crossbars with clamps on the inside of the rails.

The aluminum crossbar sections are very rigid & aerodynamic for less wind drag & noise, & the plastic mounting brackets seem quite sturdy. They are also fairly simple to put together after watching the instructional video. The keyed locks fit well & work OK.

Plus, these crossbars are the only ones I've found that fit the 2017-2019 VW Golf Sportwagen & Atlas. I had a small problem with one of the screws, but it was easy to replace at the hardware store. And the DZ Retail customer service team was very helpful.

I would recommend this product to a friend.

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