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The thing I care most about in my car is that the windows are clean. This situation is very important to me because it is annoying that it is dirty and it affects my road view negatively. Everyone wants the car or house windows to be clean. If you are looking for the right product to clean your glass, my goal is to help you. I have listed the most preferred car window squeegee below for you.

1. Muling Car Window Squeegee

-Wide soft rubber blade and Nylon netted bug sponge -The handle is made from hard durable plastic -Mesh with sponge can easily scrub and wash the dirt from window screens, car - windshields, bathtubs and tiles. -The handle can be easily disassembled and take up less space.

-It is mainly suitable for car surface cleaning and also stain removal for glass windows, floor-standing windows, bathrooms, tiled walls, glass coffee tables and the like. It helps to wipe the car front windshield and do the housework. It features long-lasting stain removal performance.

Customer questions & answers

Question: how long is the handle -- and also total length?

Answer: handle length is 19 inches, thread diameter is 3/4 inch.

Question: What is the width of the car window squeegee head?

Answer: 8 inches

Question: Regarding question if standard broom handle will fit? The item's handle is interchangable? And broom handle would have to have grooves to screwwhandle

Answer: yes you can unscrew this and attach a longer handle.

2. Ettore 59816 Auto Squeegee

-8-inch lightweight metal head; auto squeegee and scrubber -16-inch classic wood handle for greater length reach -Durable rubber blade for better auto window cleaning -Tough nylon netting for easy bug, dirt, and pollen removal

This car window squeegee scrubber head is for cleaning window glass surfaces on automobiles, boats and more. The head is scrubs away dirt, bugs and dried stains. It features a streak-free squeegee rubber on the other side.

Customer Review

All I wanted/needed was a simple thing to wash windows. Things are WAY too gadgety these days. This fits the bill. Cheap, well constructed and it works as expected. I use it to clean my house windows (inside and out), and my car windshield.

3. Mallory WS1524A 8-Inch Car Window Squeegee

Window washer and squeegee, black, blade Length 8 In. Blade height 1/2 In. Squeegee blade count single, blade style straight, blade material rubber, handle length 15 In. Handle material plastic, connection type threaded, chemical resistant yes, application glass, includes scrubbing sponge and squeegee blade.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Is this long enough to get to the middle of your windshield?

Answer: I thought the handle was going to be a little longer but it does get the job done! I am not a super tall guy but I can get my windshield more than half way from either side.

Question: Where is this made?

Answer: T.J.~~ The Mallory WS1524A is made in the US.

Question: is it possible to clean it or after its dirty I need to buy a new one?

Answer: You should be able to clean this with soap and water.

Question: Can I put a longer handle on it, like from a broom or mop?

Answer: The handle can be removed and replaced with a longer handle if you choose to do so.

Customer Review

I didn't realize how much I needed this at home during my car washes until I actually started using it. It's incredible. No more streaks on my windows. Instead, I wash the car, wash the windows, and dry them off with this bad boy. Instant drying and no streaks as long as you do it carefully. My windows look great every time now. This car window squeegee great.

4. Colin Car Window Squeegee with Extension Pole

-10 inch Wide soft rubber blade and Double layer high density Nylon netted bug sponge -Plastic handle and frame for strength and resistance to corrosion -Neoprene squeegee blade for flexibility and resistance to tearing -10 inch mesh-covered High Density sponge for removing bugs, dirt, and other road debris -20 inch Molded grip for non-slip hold

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