Best Seller 3 Car Windshield Sun Shade 2020

If you left your car under the sun in the hot summer months, the interior of the car will probably be stifling due to the hot weather when you come back, and besides you will not be able to hold it because the steering wheel gets too hot. I am sure it has happened to your many times. The best way to get rid of this situation is to buy a car windshield sun shade. It must be present in every vehicle. If you say why, because of the sun's rays, the forearm, the steering wheel will wear out over time. You can also prevent damage by purchasing these affordable products.

1. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

High quality and durable sun blocker screen protector to maintain your car interior temperature, so your vehicle's seats stay cool, and without getting your hands burned on steering wheel.

Sunshade easily pops out and folds back in seconds making it convenient for daily use. Designed to be stored in the door pockets of your auto vehicle.

-Shortens the time it will take to cool your vehicle -Not only helps keep the car cool- it protects from sun damage as well -Prevents the inside of your car from over-heating -Protects LCD screens, GPS devices, and other electronics -Eliminates dashboard fade and cracks -Compact folding design allow for easy storage in glove compartment or door pocket -Easily pops open, installs in seconds, safe, and convenient to use! -Made from high quality nylon polyester material -Customized 4 different sizes

Customer questions & answers

Question: What size should i get for jeep renegade?

Answer: Get a tape measure and measure your windshield. Then purchase the car shade that most closely matches the size of your measurements.

Question: Will it really fit my 2012 honda accord ex-l perfect? i know the chart says it will but just want to make sure with someone who has the same car.

Answer: I would definitely manually measure your windshield to make sure. I didn’t measure, and just went by the chart that was provided. Mine is too small. If I push it down on the bottom of the dash, my visors won’t hold it up. So, for my visors to hold it up properly, about 6-8” of my dash is exposed at the bottom. I posted a few pictures of it installed. But I only went by the chart.

Customer Review

Bought this product for my 2016 Mazda3 and decided to try for the first time this type of sunshade instead of the accordion style sunshades. After using it for several months the following are the pros and cons I have found:


--- The product is much easier to install and to store than a traditional accordion style sunshade.

--- When folded, it's much easier to hide under the seats than accordion sunshades.

--- The form and flexibility of the material makes it easier to cover the whole windshield. NOTE: There are different sizes so I highly recommend to measure the size of your windshield to pick the right size for your car or truck.

--- Blocks a considerable amount of sunlight.


--- The product itself is very thin, so while it makes it easier to store, it doesn't completely blackout the sun.

2. Magnelex Auto Windshield Sun Shade

Fits perfectly to most compact cars. Find your vehicle in the size chart. Premium Quality reflective polyester material blocks heat & sun. Keeps your vehicle cool and protects against damage caused by hot sunlight. Storage bag included. You can easily stash the sunshade in the storage bag or store long term.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Will it fit a Honda Civic 2007 Si coupe?

Answer: There is a chart on the item showing what size to order.

Question: Will this fit 2018 Toyota Highlander?

Answer: The recommended size for 2018 Toyota Highlander is Large.

Customer Review

If you’re too lazy to go out to your car with a tape measure, this what you do:

-Buy the extra large for any full size pickup(fits my F-150 perfectly).

-Buy the large if your car is a boat (think Cadillac, Mercedes S class, BMW 7 series, etc.)

-Everything else(most cars) get the medium!

Don’t be like me, and buy the large for your BMW 5 series(not a small car by any means). It will not fit! It’s very awkward and a pain to try to use.

PS: This is a good product and I do recommend it.

3. Kinder Fluff Sun Shade for Car

Kinder Fluff offers superior quality 210T Polyester sunshades with higher density, providing better protection against Sun, UV, and heat build-up. Kinder Fluff Sunshades are made with an exclusive design of Connector clamps which is longer and is of a much higher quality than normal connectors. It holds the ring's steel wires together tightly, preventing breakage/separation of the wires during folding. This unique feature makes our shades the most durable sunshade out there. Kinder Fluff sunshades are made of the most reflective black-backed tight weave polyester material available which is 210T.

The silver side will reflect the UV rays and black side prevent the sun rays from sneaking in and keep your car interior cooler.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: How good does this work?

Answer: It is better than the accordian style shades. It is easy to pop into place, stay in place easily. It helps in the hot Las Vegas sun. I know it reduces the internal temperature quite a bit versus without a shade. I can touch my steering wheel without burning myself when the shade has been in place. It is worth the cost for sure.

Question: How does it fit around the rear view mirror?

Answer: You put the fabric under the rear view mirror. That part of the shade has no wires so it's easy to position it.

Customer Review

I bought this product because I park in a remote lot when I go to work and my car is hot as hell every time I get off work. I'm giving 5 stars because the product works as it was intended to. Now mind you I live in Texas and it can get very hot and humid especially on summer days. Anyway, I did notice that my car wasn't as hot as it used to when I started using this product, but nonetheless, its still hot and I don't think there isn't any product that can fix that if your car is out in the open under scorching heat but it did help. So that's my piece with this product. Satisfied buyer here.

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