Best Cold Air intake 2020 on Amazon

If you want performance in your car, we have listed the 2 best products for you.

1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit

How does a K&N High Flow Intake System increase horsepower?

By eliminating airflow obstruction in your engine. Restriction of air flow between an air filter and an engine robs even the most powerful engine of horsepower. K&N cold air intake kits virtually eliminate air path restriction by replacing the standard air filter and the entire air path to the engine. Put all this together and you have the best high-flow intake system available today.

Designed to Increase Horsepower:

K&N is the leader in high quality performance cold air intake systems for car and trucks. We feel it is one of the best dollars to horsepower investments you can make for your vehicle. Our first air intake kit was built in 1992. K&N manufactures over 500 different part numbers and our team of engineers are constantly designing, building and testing new air intake systems.

Oversized Washable High-Flow Air Filter:

K&N starts with the conical shaped high-flow air filter that fits into the engine compartment using factory holes and mounting points. This extra filter size provides even more airflow at lower restriction than a standard K&N O/E replacement filter that is limited to the size of the factory air box. The oversized air filter also captures and holds more dirt increasing the service life before a cleaning is required (up to 100,000 miles).

Easy to Install with Basic Hand Tools:

K&N cold air intake are very easy to install on your car or truck. A typical air intake installation can be done with a screwdriver, pliers and a ratchet-set in 90 minutes or less! K&N specifically engineers their intake kits to use existing factory holes and mounting points, making installation simple. The vast majority of K&N cold air induction systems do not require any cutting or drilling.

First off, its K&N. So to me the quality is there, cause I am a K&N supporter. I have used them in the past and like their products. If you have ever installed any cold air intake kit, it is no harder than any other to install. Has a clean installed look.

So the good is it flows more than the stock air box. It would almost have too, just by design. Also has very noticeable sound when into the throttle. Sounds good at wide open throttle.....if you like that sound.

The bad news is it has a very noticeable If you tow or are in a hilly, mountain, area where you are into the throttle more regularly, you will be listening to it moan...…. a lot!

This is just me, but it drove me crazy towing from tidewater Va. up to the western part of the state. Every long grade just got annoying. I had one on my other truck, but don't remember it being that loud inside the vehicle.

So, it is cool to listen to at wide open throttle, but a long never ending moan on a long trip that is surprisingly loud in the cab is just not for me.

2. Airaid 352-210 AIRAID Cold Air Intake

Better breathing equals more horsepower and torque. Since an engine is essentially a giant air pump, improving the air flow efficiency creates more power. On most stock intake systems, the main air flow restrictions are the intake box, the air inlet to the box and the paper air filter. The best way to bolt on more horsepower and torque while improving air flow is with an AIRAID cold air intake system.

Increases horsepower and torque:

AIRAID Air Intake Systems are computer designed, dyno tested and tuned to extract additional performance for each application due to exhaustive research and development. Designed with portable 3-D scanner and rapid prototyping machine, and then tested on our in-house Superflow flow bench and our all-wheel-drive Mustang chassis dynamometer to produce real-world horsepower.

Washable and reusable air filter media:

The AIRAID premium air filter is washable and reusable, less restrictive than traditional paper, and assures superior filtration. Many AIRAID air intake systems are offered with the option of oiled (SYNTHAFLOW) or non-oiled (SYNTHAMAX) air filters. SYNTHAFLOW is recommended when driving in dusty dry conditions while SYNTHAMAX is recommended for street driving.

What a great compliment to my Magnaflow exhaust. Adds a deeper growl to the sound of the exhaust and slightly better throttle response. Install was straight forward and easy. Very pleased with the results of this product. Not sure I see a horsepower gain but there is definitely a gain in torque. Small but it is noticable. I recommend this product to help your mopar breath better.

This uses your stock intake tube, which I believe keeps the cost down. Gives u all the other hardware you will need, and really good instructions. The air filter is huge, and you will hear the engine opening up now inside the car.

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