Best Digital Torque Wrench for Your Garage 2020

Digital torque wrench is an equipment you will need for the torque settings that must be present in your garage for your car, bike. We have listed 3 quality torque wrenches you will consider buying below.

1. eTORK 1/2-Inch Drive"Click Style" Digital Torque Wrench

This digital torque wrench Instantly converts between four different measurements (Lb.ft, N.m,, Wrench clicks and/or releases when preset torque value is reached. Accurate to +/- 3% in clockwise direction compared to most competitors +/- 4%

Additional Features:

  • 45 Tooth Ratchet Head for easier clockwise and counter-clockwise operation in tight spaces

  • Operates and measures torque in both clockwise and counter-clockwise direction

  • Hardened Alloy Steel Housing for strength and durability, resulting in a slimmer, lighter design

  • The ball bearing release mechanism ensures greater sensitivity, consistency and precision compared to competitive wrenches

  • Each wrench is factory tested and certified before shipping. An individual certification is included with each wrench

  • The locking knob secures selected torque setting from accidental changes. The torque adjustment is made by pulling down on the locking knob and turning the handle

  • The factory repair and calibration center is located in Roswell GA for any needed service and assistance

Torque Range:

  • 25-250 Lb.ft

  • 33.9-339 N.m

  • 300-3000

  • 346-3456


  • Model: EC3250

  • Drive: 1/2"

  • Accuracy: ± 3% (clockwise direction)

  • Accuracy: ± 6% (counter-clockwise direction)

  • Country of origin: China

Package Includes:

  • eTORK Digital Torque Wrench

  • Hard Shell Plastic Case

  • Calibration certificate

  • Instruction manual

Customer questions & answers

Question: Will the digital torque wrench to odd settings? Example: 129lbs?

Answer: Yes. This wrench can be set to any value within it's range.

Question: Does it beep when you hit the correct torque spec?

Answer: No. This is a click style wrench with a digital scale. The electronic torque wrench will click or release when the desired torque has been reached.

Question: Does the wrench release when hits torque value? Or does it click? Which is it?

Answer: In most cases it will click, but when used at very low settings it may only release. It depends on the amount of pressure applied to the head during operation.

Customer Review

I compared this wrench with my friends Snap-On and Mac torque wrenches and this eTork tested within 3% of them both. The eTork adjustment is very smooth and the digital readout is a must for my aging eyes. I also like that reverse or left hand thread torque can be measured. Some have complained about this wrench only having 45 ratchet teeth. I'm not sure I would want to be torquing above 150 ft. lbs. with a fine tooth ratchet so for me the 45 teeth is fine.

I also installed a couple silver oxide 357 batteries to replace the lr44 that came with the unit. These silver oxides will last much longer and they are not nearly as prone to leakage as alkalines are.

Overall a high quality digital torque wrench for a very reasonable price.

2. GEARWRENCH 1/2-Inch Drive Electronic Torque Wrench

The Gearwrench family of torque wrenches & torque products offer the latest innovations in torque measurement. The electronic torque wrenches are available in fixed head and with angle. They ensure a more precise fastener torque level and are available in a 3/8 and 1/2 drive. The Gearwrench line of torque products allows the user to complete any job where accurate torque is required.

  • 72-tooth ratchet head

  • Accurate in clockwise direction +/- 2% and +/-3% in a counter-clockwise direction, from 20% to 100% of full scale

  • Five torque measurement units are available: Nm, ft-lbs, in-lbs, kgf-m, kgf-cm

Customer questions & answers

Question: What is the overall length?

Answer: I measured it today and the total length is 25” inches.

Question: Does this store a few quick settings or do you have to adjust every time?

Answer: It only holds it until you shut it off.

Question: Does this torque wrench do torque angle ? Also what does it go up to in ft pounds?

Answer: Yes it does torque angle and it goes up to 250 ftlb.

Question: does it also click when the setting is reached?

Answer: Multiple alerts occur when the target torque is reached to prevent over-torqueing of bolts.

Customer Review

This is possibly the best torque wrench on the market for the price. I would recommend this to any professional mechanic that needs a new digital torque wrench. The beeps and vibrations are spot on and if you work in a noisy shop you will have no issue hearing the beeps with headphones in. The build quality is excellent and the grip is very comfortable. Only thing i cant stress enough is buy very good batteries for it.

3. ACDelco Tools 1/2” (Inch) Angle Digital Torque Wrench

  • Reversible, Precision Geared 72-Tooth Ratchet Head Measures Torque in Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise Directions with Anti-Slip Industrial Grade Grip Design.

  • 12.5 – 250.7 ft-lbs., Pre-set Accuracy CW +/- 1.5%, CCW +/- 2.5%.

  • LCD Display Shows Torque Setting, Battery Level, Measurement Modes N-m or Kg-cm, In-lb., Ft-lb, Angle Degree.

  • Harden Steel Alloy Body Construction, Full Metal Case with High Density Protective Foam Interior.

  • Includes Buzzer, Vibration and LED Light Flashing.

  • Tool, Metal Carrying Case, Calibration Certification, User’s Manual.

  • Various drive size selection: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" & 1"

  • Wide range of torque range fits every applications: as low as 1.1 ft-lbs, or as high as 738 ft-lbs

  • Professional grade material quality

  • High Accuracy: up to ±1.5%, * Accuracy rating applies from 20% to 100% of max. torque

  • Selected model with Calibration Mode, Angle Measuring

Customer Review

Purchased mainly for the degree feature on this digital torque wrench as the wrench isn't really used for much else in my own opinion because just due to the precision of this torque wrench i wouldn't advise using it on torquing wheels. This electronic torque wrench is mainly for torquing cylinder heads or crankshaft bearings or other torque applications that involve critical torque. Many i work with say "why not buy a Snap-on Tech Angle".

The reason is because they are just too expensive so this is the next best option. I already own the 3/8 Digital Torque Wrench from ACdelco and have had nothing but success with it as i personally love it but trying to torque cylinder head bolts with a 3/8'' torque wrench is difficult so i had to purchase a 1/2'' version. Couple features about the torque wrench as it does N-m, Kg-cm, In-lb., Ft-lb, Angle Degree.

The buttons are very easily to switch between different modes and the most feature used is the angle mode as it is EXTREMELY HELPFUL. It's just so simple as you press A-F-K button until it shows the degree in the corner then you toggle up or down to set the degrees. Now i seen many reviews that when you reach a degree it doesn't stop and reset, you have 0 it and restart and yes that is correct as it isn't like the Snap on that resets to 0 when you reach a preset degree. You will have to 0 it and then move on to the next bolt but if you try to turn it on the next bolt the buzzer with sound telling you that you have reached the degree. It's almost dummy proof in my opinion.

The torque wrench is a good quality torque wrench as i have used it several times on cylinder heads. I think the only issue i see is when you are using degree tracking, the tracking works surprisingly well as it when you need to ratchet it back to swing the degree keeps set at what you stopped at but it does take a second for it to compensate as when you swing then sweep more degrees it will almost like not measure the degree. Also the ratchet is not a fine tooth ratchet so when you are sweeping it may not register a degree because it hast''t engaged on the next paw in the ratchet gear.

It's not a horrible digital torque wrench, the accuracy i spot on as i have used on digital torque wrenches such as the Snap-on's and all seem to be inline with the correct torque. However the degree tracking it a little troublesome to get used to, it does work and i haven't had any issues yet and all seems to be going okay. Overall, i would say i would recommend this torque wrench as a substitute because it's a good decent quality torque wrench just half the cost of others.

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