What Fingerprint Bike Lock Should I Get?

Fingerprint bike lock, products that will end your fear of stealing your bike, motorcycle, scooter and similar vehicles. You won't have to worry about going to school, work or traveling. Below we have listed you the best fingerprint bike lock products. It will help facilitate your shopping with purchased customer reviews, questions and answers.

1. Catalpa U Fingerprint Disc Brake Lock

Your finger is the key, do not have to worry about losing keys or password is known to thief.

Fingerprint disc lock release in 0.5 seconds, false rejection rate as low as 1%, false acceptance rate as low as 0.002%, use edge fingerprint scanner technology for up to 10 user profiles.

Two unlocking methods: unlock on APP or input fingerprint on padlock to unlock.

This brake lock is constructed with sturdy aluminum alloy and plastic, keep working in rainy days and will never get rusty, 6mm hardened-steel locking pin, prevents from thief sawing off or prying open.

Build-in 200mAh battery and Type-c charging port, one charging could last for 3 month for regular use.

Customer questions & answers

Question: How to set up fingerprints? how many persons (fingerprints) could use one same lock?

Answer: First set up adminisrator fingerprint (check the other questions to see how to set up), then set up other fingerprints through administrator authorize. Total 40 groups fingerprints could use one lock. Here is the process to set up other fingerprints: (1). press wake up button (2). long press fingerprint panel for 3 seconds, light flashing blue and red; (3). Identify administrator finger first, then blue light on ; (4) Collect user fingerprint 5 times from different direction of same finger, the blue light on, setting successful.

Question: This is for scooter too? what kind of vehicle fit for this lock?

Answer: The lock core is 6mm, if your scooter had disc brake, and disc brake thickness is less than 6mm, then you could use this lock.

Question: How long does battery last for ? when this lock will need charging?

Answer: One full charging could last for 2500 times open, if keep the lock stand by, battery could last for one year. Indicated light will flash and sound remind when low battery, then you need to charge.

Question: Easy to set up the fingerprint when first get this product?

Answer: When you get this product, please set up administrator fingerprint first, press wake up button, then press panel for 3 seconds till blue light on, and then press the finger which you want to set up as administrator for 5 times, try to press from different directions to let panel collect your finger data more and complete, administrator account set up successfully after "beep" sound.

Question: Does use of the app, means you can't no longer use your actual fingers to unlock without the app?

Answer: You could use both your fingerprints and APP, they are two independent methods to unlock, will not affect each other, when you are in unable conditions (rainy days) to unlock by your fingerprints, then you could use APP.

Customer Review

I wouldn't rely on this solely to protect your bike but in addition to other U Locks, chains, or cables it will help deter thieves from targeting your bike and move on to an easier target. It is easy to setup and use with the mobile app that you can download from your app store called iE-Lock. It is used to either unlock the lock via bluetooth and/or register your fingerprint on the lock so you can directly unlock it. You need to wake up the device by pressing a small button on the side before scanning your print or unlocking it via bluetooth. The small button can be difficult to activate in the dark or if you're wearing gloves.

I live in the tropics so I don't know how well it would or would not work in extreme cold or hot weather. It seems to work reliably so far. Also included is an orange reminder cable to remind you that the lock is installed and a pouch that you can keep the lock in when not in use.

2. BILLCONCH Fingerprint Bike U Lock

This product is a U-shaped padlock that can provide fingerprint recognition. The U-shaped lock beam is hardened 45 steel, which can resist hydraulic shear damage within 10 tons. It has IPx6 waterproof function and can be used for bicycles, motorcycles and doors , where windows and other places need to be locked, you can use them safely indoors or outdoors.

This fingerprint padlock uses high-quality fingerprint recognition technology, which is very sensitive and can be unlocked in only 0.5 seconds. You can record 20 sets of fingerprints,there is also a spare key.

The U lock can be unlocked by APP. It can also manage unlocking fingerprint, change password and view unlocking record on APP. APP is simple and practical, easy to use.

IPx6 waterproof , so don't need worry about you can't unlock when it being wet in outdoors.

This door lock uses the UBS interface to charge, can last for a long time, and has a low battery display, so don't worry about not being able to unlock without electricity, just charge it when you have low battery.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Will the u lock scan my finger correctly when my finger/fingerprint is wrinkled after bathing or swimming?

Answer: Billconch device has been designed to be very sensitive when authenticating and matching fingerprints. The unit will open when your fingerprint has increased moisture from an average shower or swim. There may be times when extreme water retention due to extended times in the water will cause aspects of your fingerprint to change for a short time. If this happens, fingerprint access to your device may be denied until your fingerprint returns to its normally condition. The keypad and app will not be affected and will still function normally to open the device.

Question: Is the device fire proof or water proof?

Answer: This device has IPx6 level waterproof function, but it is not fireproof.

Question: What happens to the fingerprints that are stored in my Billconch device when the battery dies?

Answer: The device retains all fingerprints in the event of battery failure. Once the power is restored by inserting the AC adapter cable, the unit will function as it did before the power loss.

Question: Does this bike lock long enough to lock a bike to a tree?

Answer: Yes, the bike lock cable is 4 feet,I lock 3 bikes together to my yard gate.

Question: Can I enter multiple fingerprints?

Answer: Yes,can record different 40 sets of fingerprints.

Customer Review

Great purchase, fingerprint works really well and is easy to setup in the app. This is a solid lock that thieves won't be able to break in. I bought a gun safe from them as well because their stuff is great, good purchase.

3. SL Elite Fingerprint Anti-Theft Keyless Bicycle Lock

No Bluetooth, no App ,which means lower power comsumption, less problems caused by an App ,Never worry about losing your key or forgetting passwords. Your finger is the key, and it only takes 1 second unlock it. The Fingerprint lock can record up to 20 different fingerprint.

Low power consumption and long standby time,after full charge,it can unlock more than 3,000 times.It's as simple as charging a cell phone.You can use your portable rechargeable treasure to recharge.never need to worry about suddenly losing power.

IP66 waterproof, high-quality outdoor and water resistant. 39.4 inch steel cable works for mulitple bikes locking, it also can be use for motorcycle, gate, garbage can, patio grill, outdoor furniture etc.

Customer questions & answers

Question: How long does the lock stay charged (how often do you typically have to recharge) and how long does it take to fully charge the lock?

Answer: Hello,after full charge,it can unlock more than 3,000 times,It takes about an hour for the fingerprint lock to be fully charged.(When you unlock, the red and blue indicator flashes alternately, indicating low power consumption. you need to charge your fingerprint lock in time.)

Question: Can I use this fingerprint lock in a humid environment? Because our city always rains.

Answer: Yes, of course, this fingerprint lock has a good waterproof effect.

Question: Do you need a smartphone to enter your fingerprint?

Answer: Not at all, all is done via the padlock itself, no need for smartphone,you can view its instructions, the operation is very simple.

Customer Review

I love this fingerprint lock. I already have so many keys on my key ring. It took several tries for me to actually get it to register my finger print but it is definitely worth it. Once it registers your fingerprint, it's easy to open and lock. I am happy with my purchase.

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