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The 3 best H11 headlight bulb led sold in amazon

1. HIKARI H11 Headlight Bulb Led

H11 low beam, high beam or fog h11 headlight bulb led. Max light output: 10000lm. +220% brighter than standard bulbs. Flawless beam pattern. Incredible reliability. Passed 300℉-7 days high-temperature test. Adjustable Beam. Special design required by Dodge Ram, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Honda etc. Mini fans. Compatible with most OEM headlight dustcover.

Customer Review

I drive a 2015 Nissan Altima Type S and I just recently decided to purchase h11 headlight bulbs for my low beams. The Hikari's are definitely brighter than the Cougar Motor LEDS and shine further down the road.

The Cougar Motor LED headlights are bright and emit a light blue color while the Hikari's emit more a bright white color. Overall I would say the light disbursement for the Hikari's are better than the Cougar Motor LEDs. In terms of construction I would say that the Cougar Motor LEDs seem better constructed and more sturdy. But with that said the cougar motor LED's have a additional ballast whereas the Hikari's do not. (Not that the ballast makes a difference, I just let it hang loose and it never caused any issues). Both have the same amount of fan noise. You can't hear it in your car and you can only make it out when the lights are on while you are stopped but it is still very very quiet.

If you want a brighter replacement than halogen definitely give these a shot. The question is longevity...and that is where I will continue to update this. I have read multiple reviews of these headlights burning out and honestly it does not surprise me. There are so many different components that can get damaged and overheated etc.

2. Fahren H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

Top Automotive-Grade LED chips with 60W, 10,000LM per pair, 6500K cool white. Super focused beam pattern design provides wider and farther lighting range which is 3 times brighter than your original halogen bulb.

Whole aviation aluminum body, unique hollow-carved heat sink design and 1,2000RPM turbo cool fan provide super cooling ability, which ensures a longer lifespan up to 5,0000 hours.

Almost 1:1 mini design same as halogen, perfectly fit into your housing and factory sockets without any modification, just plug and play.

Our bulbs work with 98% of vehicle's computer system without error, while some sensitive models of Ford, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Volvo, Lexus, Chrysler, Mini and etc may require additional CAN bus decoder to be installed.

Customer Review

So installation was straight forward. Had to get a second set shipped as the first was defective. It was a quick turn around so that’s a plus on the company. Thanks for that. One major suggestion for anyone who may think the lights aren’t reflecting right is to use the little Allen key that comes with it to loosen the light and adjust it to the right angle.

For people who don’t understand what that angle is, it should sit in the housing “vertically” and not horizontally or any other angle. Once I adjusted the bulb to the correct angle, these lights shined so much more brighter and looked so much better. This is especially important in Projector style headlights.

You need to look at the set position of the bulb when in the housing, put a mark/line at the top of the bulb casing and then remove the bulb. Follow that line again to the actual bulb grooves because that will be your set position. If the mark and the actual light do not align vertically then you will not get the correct light output.

Use the Allen key, loosen the tiny screw and twist the bulb to line up with the mark/line you drew on the grooves. Set the bulb back into your housing, and you should see a major difference in light output.

3. BEAMTECH H11 LED Headlight Bulb

H11 led headlight bulb, Newest Korean CSP LED chips (Double-sided) Producing 8000 lumens output per set,with output 4000lm per light for safety driving at night, 6500K xenon white.

Super long lifespan: > 30,000hrs,50W Per set,the power of each lamp only 25W,greatly extend the serving life.If the product has any quality problems, we are willing to send the replacement.

Lamp low heat: far less than halogen lamp, greatly prolongs the service life of lamps and lanterns.

Health and safety: no high voltage and large current startup, no circuit interference and electromagnetic radiation,no fan.We also have instructions manual to guide the installation.

Customer Review

I recently installed this set on a 2015 Honda Pilot without any issues.

Quality and projection are great, I did not have to re-adjust the level of the lamp and they are super bright. A very dramatic upgrade compared to the stock OEM halogens the car came with.

Installation was easy, you need to be patient in making sure all tabs in the fixture align (there are three tabs and only one correct way to align them. If you force them by not lining up the right tab in the right place you can either break the base of the led bulb or the lamp fixture so be patient. I know there is not a ton of room to maneuver, but it can be done if you do it right.

The gasket at the base of the bulb is big and wide but not too hard. It sits in place good and you can feel it squeezes as you tighten the bulb in place to ensure water does not go into the lamp once installed.

The 2015 Honda Pilot has 4 bulbs, the H11 are used for the low beams. You will need to purchase another set for your DRL / High Beams (Bulb number is 9005). I installed all four and without any issue.

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