Most Preferred Headlight Cleaning Kit

We have listed the best headlight cleaning kits for your yellowed haze, below. You will be able to easily maintain and clean your home. You won't have to spend a lot of money outside.

1. SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit

The SYLVANIA headlight restoration kit uses exclusive technology to restore hazy and sun damaged headlight lenses. This easy-to-use kit provides clarity and durable, long lasting protection in less than 30 minutes. Your headlight lens is an engineered system and needs to be properly restored for best performance.

Kit Contents:

-1 OZ. Surface Activator -1/2 OZ. Clarifying Compound -1 OZ. UV Block Clear Coat -Waterproof Premium Sandpaper (400, 1000 & 2000 grit) -2 Applicator cloths -1 blue lint - free UV Clear Coat applicator cloth -Vinyl Glove

Customer questions & answers

Question: Should you apply this product indoors or in the shade?

Answer: Indoors is not necessary, unless you're having to avoid freezing or very hot temps out of doors. I used it on our carport and it was a perfect environment that allowed easy hose down clean-up afterwards. I think a shaded driveway would work just as well.

Question: Do you need a drill to use this kit?

Answer: You do not need a drill to use the Headlight Restoration Kit.

Customer Review

I figured with the good reviews that it would work, but I am in AWE!

Follow the directions and don't be worried how "bad" it looks during the intermediate steps. I have added pictures after every step and you can see it doesn't look so hot until the very end.

Probably didn't have to, but I did 10 minutes each step instead of 5, just because that is how I am... (basically 5 minutes on each edge of each of the pieces of sand paper, then like 1 minute using the middle of the paper in bigger circles).

I also cut all the clothes in half and used a half on each light rather than reusing a whole piece across both.

I did one light completely and then the second one. I would instead suggest doing each step on both lights and then move to the next step because after you do one whole light your arms will be tired and you are going to have a hard time not giving in to the urge not to do as much work on the second light.

I also suggest having a bucket of water, you want to dunk that sandpaper in the water literally every 10 seconds or so. Using a spray bottle... forget it, way too long. With a bucket it's 1/2 a second dunk and keep going.

Lastly (and your results may vary, so try on something you don't care about first), but I had a lot of the UV protectant left over and I thought, hmmm it doesn't say you can use it for this, but I wonder what it would do the the old dull black plastics on my car. It is UV protectant after all. So I did two pieces that were super dull and faded, that weren't super obvious in case it messed them up, cleaned them, then rubbed the UV in. It worked great, it reblackned them, not super black but pretty good and they have stayed that way and it has been well over a month already. Any of those Miguiar's restorers etc make a nice black, but it redulls pretty quickly. Just make sure you quickly wipe off any extra that gets on the glass or painted surfaces.

2. Meguiar's G2980 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit removes heavy oxidation, cloudiness and surface scratches, while delivering a crystal clear finish to restore headlights. It is ideal for severely oxidized, neglected or yellowed car headlights. This car headlight restoration kit utilizes both hand and drill application for sanding and machine buffing. To seal and protect the freshly restored lens, Meguiar’s proprietary Headlight Coating prevents re-oxidation for up to one year after application, keeping your car lights cleaner. The self-leveling coating contains 100% active ingredients, maximizing the durability and clarity of the headlight lens. This headlight cleaner and restorer from Meguiar’s makes it easy for anyone to achieve amazing results.

Kit Contents

This auto headlight restorer kit contains the following: Meguiar’s PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish (4 oz.)

Gently removes light oxidation, chemical degradation, surface contamination, stains and light surface scratches with ease. It features water resistant polymers that provide long-lasting durable protection. This cleaner and plastic polish contains a rich gel formula that quickly restores optical clarity to both rigid and flexible clear plastics.

Headlight Coating (4 oz.)

A proprietary spray coating that helps to improve and maintain optical clarity on freshly cleaned or restored headlights for up to a year. This unique formula provides durable UV protection and comes in an easy-to-use aerosol spray application. Meguiar’s Keep Clear Headlight Coating will give you the long-lasting clarity you're looking for.

Headlight Coating applicator pad. Easy-buff wool pad. 1000 and 3000 grit sanding discs. Easy grip hand sanding pad.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Can i use this with a standard household drill? Answer: Yes you can just watch your speed.i use about 1/2 speed and worked just fine.

Question: How many head light will this kit do? Answer: There is plenty to either do multiple heads lamps or to do a set multiple times. My lenses were extremely foggy and I used it multiple times and they came out great.

Question: About how long does it take to do each headlight from start to finish?

Answer: It took me about half an hour for each headlight from start to finish. the headlights now look like new.

Customer Review

I've always been a little skeptical of the headlight cleaning videos I've seen online. A friend tried Meguiar's and said it really worked well, so I decided to give it a go.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here's two thousand words of proof in my attached photos. This kit really does work. It's only been a couple of weeks since I've used it, so I can't speak to longevity. The box says the sealant will last one year. I'll update this review in a year and let you know.

The process is pretty straight forward:

1. Clean the light (get rid of dirt and any other debris

2. Wet sand the headlight plastic (the kit comes with 1,000 and 3,000 grit wet sanding discs that attach via velcro to a foam rubber handle). Start with the 1,000 and then repeat with the 3,000.

3. Use the drill attachment buffer pad to apply and buff in the polish. You can repeat this to get the super shiny and clear headlight.

4. Use the foam sponge to apply the protector sealant. This will prevent oxidation from coming back (for up to one year).

There are couple of things you'll want to have before starting, that aren't included in the kit:

1. Masking tape to protect the trim and paint. You only want to sand and polish the headlight plastic, not your paint.

2. Spray bottle with water to wet the 1,000grit and 3,000grit sandpaper as you're wet sending.

3. Microfiber cloth to wipe away sanding particles left behind, before you start buffing in the polisher.

4. Glass cleaner (Windex or whatever) for before you put on the sealant.

5. Microfiber cloth to wipe off the glass cleaner. (If you use a paper towel you're just going to leave paper fibers all over the headlight and that's going to mess with the sealant.

After sealing the headlights, allow 24 hours for the sealant to fully cure.

3. CERAKOTE Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit

This is a Ceramic coating that chemically bonds to your headlights and provides UV protection for as long as you'll own your vehicle. Everything is included in your kit. There are no tools required that could potentially damage your headlights or paint. Our Ceramic coating provides a layer of UV protection that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Is there enough to do more than one vehicle?

Answer: No, the contents in the Headlight Restoration Kit are for one vehicle (two headlights).

Question: Can I use this kit on my red and orange plastic taillights as well?

Answer: Absolutely, just follow the same instructions.

Question: Can you do the process while it is humid out?

Answer: We recommend applying the Headlight Restoration coating to a bone dry surface, less humidity the better.

Question: Plastic headlights only correct?

Answer: The Headlight Coating was designed specifically for only plastic headlights, not glass.

Question: Can this be performed in direct sunlight?

Answer: Yes, I just recommend no dusty or windy areas for the clear coat application.

Customer Review

This Stuff is great. It was easy to use and didn’t require additional tools… just used the gloves it came with. Before and after pics show how well it works. Got this Cerakote brand because it says it has a lifetime guarantee and doesn’t wash off. The results are pretty impressive. Never thought my headlights would look this good without replacing them!

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