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You can find all your needs with the best equipment combinations led light bar kit for your off road vehicles.

1. Nilight LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kit

Customer Review

Normally I would have made my own wiring harness, but by the time I purchased the wire and put the thing together, it would have cost me more than this led light bar kit.

It was extremely easy to assemble. However, I do highly recommend soldering your joints and shrink taping or wrapping each individual wire then covering the entire triple junction with heat wraps.

I ended up splicing two separate lights into this harness and it worked flawlessly! I’m a single mom, that also is a contractor for the last 18 years. I say this because if you have minimal wiring experience this should be a snap for you to install on your own.

Do not rely on any instructions! If you get them you are You are fortunate. If instructions did not come with your wiring harness, it is pretty self-sufficient and if you have the least bit of wiring knowledge, you will have no problems installing it.! But I definitely recommend using heat shrink around all of the ends and every connection to ensure nothing jars loose and that your connection is 100% waterproof.

Very nice led light bar kit for the small price. came quick. it was unfortunate that i had to oreder this harness too install my new led lights! figured i spent good money on the lights they'd have came with a harness but whatever i guess!!

Harness came neatly laid out, bit long for my particular application but worked out good. as far as using this particular harness on a automobile, idk if it'd be long enough to reach a battery (especially in these new vehicles that have the batteries mounted in the floor of the cabin) it seems like it'd be way too short for that! I mounted led lights on a 1984 honda atc 200es 3 wheeler im using for ice fishing.

This harness was a few feet long for me but i made it work! Everything is self explanatory, if ur slighty mechanically inclined! if not, id definitely get somebody that knows what their doing!! Very happy with the seller and product!!

2. MICTUNING LED Light Bar Wiring Harness Kit

Customer Review

This led light bar kit was as advertised, and was reasonably easy to install. The switch is good looking and functions well, and the overall length of the harness was adequate to get where I needed it to go. My only concern at all is the size of the wire used.

The listing shows a 40 amp relay in the heading (which it is) and in the description it specifies a load under 180 watts (which would be 15 amps). The wire gauge however is 16 gauge. Most charts show that 16 gauge wire is approved for a 10 amp load under 20 feet long. As this is a 10 foot long harness, and my load is 120 watts (10 amps) I should be fine. However, I really would hesitate putting a heavier load than 10 amps on this harness.

Let me say again that this appears to be a well made harness, and I am pleased with the purchase. I would however advise anyone looking to run a load in excess of 10 amps, to look at a heavier duty harness. (I believe this same company offers one and I would not hesitated to go with them).

I ordered the complete kit for my Polaris RZR 900S from Amazon. MICTUNING 32" 180W 3B239C Curved LED Light Bar, Over head Mounting Brackets that attach to roll cage, PN: 6KLED BK1002 and wire harness kit, MICTUNING led light bar kit.

Ordering these parts made assembly quick and easy. My buddy came over to help me install the light bar on my RZR 900S. About 2 hours later and a six pack of Miller Lite, the job was complete and working perfectly!!

I really expected much less than I received from Amazon for less than a hundred bucks. My local Polaris dealer had two options for me that cost between $200.00 for just a light bar with no mounting hardware or wire harness and $600.00 for an OEM Polaris light bar kit which included everything I purchased from Amazon.

I would recommend this light bar kit to anyone who owns a Polaris RZR 900S.

If you can't tell from my review, I am very please with this purchase from Amazon.

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