Most Preferred Magnetic Cell Phone Holder for Car

If you have come to this page, your goal is to buy a magnetic cell phone holder for the car and you are researching in order not to waste your money, you do not want to worry about the money you spend on the right brand. We have had these concerns and we want to help you. We share the feedback of customers who bought before, why did they buy these brands and were they satisfied. We try to make your shopping easier by offering them to you.

The products we list below for you are the most preferred highly rated products. It will make it easier for you to decide and you will make sure that you don't waste your money.

1. iOttie Car Mount Phone Holder

Patented Easy One Touch Mechanism Allows Quick One Hand Open and Close Operation.

The newly re designed Telescopic Arm extends from 4 – 6. 5 inch and pivots on 225 degree arc for a variety of optimal positions.

Holds All Phone and Case Combinations from 2.3 Inches 3.5 Inches.

One time use dashboard disc and reusable suction cup combo offers superior stick strength.

Question: Will it work with a thick phone case?

Answer: I have an iPHone XR with a thick Otterbox case and it does not fit in this iOttie model. I'd shop for something different if I were you.

Question: I have a credit card holder on the back of my phone that holds 3 credit cards. What is the depth of the holder?

Answer: The depth is approximately 3/4 of an inch. I have an iPhone 7 with a credit card holder on the back as well, and it’s definitely not a probl m. Plenty of room!

Question: Will it secure to the mount even with a phone case on your phone?

Answer: Yes. I have an iPhone 6s Plus in a Spigen case. It fits and is secure.

Customer Review

Absolutely love this phone car mount. Incredibly secure hold not only on the dashboard but with my phone. I like that it has an opening at the bottom so that I can run my USB charging cord to the phone when my phone is mounted. I tried the vent one, but the mount wouldn't stay in the vent. The CD kind was not an option.

This is my third iOttie (I have one of the earliest ones and a newer one that extends). For this vehicle, I wanted one that would extend and then be able to drop below 180 degrees so that the phone hangs a big below my dash. This one's ability to pivot 225 degrees made all the difference. I can keep it in eyesight without it taking up too much of my vision out.

2. IPOW Car Phone Mount Holder

No switch, no magnet, only smart mechanism. Simply put in/take out your phone in just one second. No complicated operation, most safe car phone mount for driving.

This IPOW car phone holder can be adjust by 3 knots, 360 degree rotation joint ball, 180 degree rotation clamp and 120 degree rotation arm. Easily find your perfect angle. No view blocking, no distraction, no danger.

With the ultra-strong sticky suction cup, this cell phone holder can be used both on dashboard and windshield. The suction cup is washable and reusable by rinsing it under warm water and let dry. We even designed an uninstall tab for easy moving.

Question: Can I both use it on windshield and dashboard?

Answer: Yes, it can be used on both dashboard and windshield. Dashboard the best. Because it can bend down which contributes to a no blocking driving view.

Question: Can it hold samsungs with popsockets?

Answer: It should be able to. I believe it would depend on where the popsocket is located on the phone. If it's on the bottom you might have a little challenge.

Question: will this work with my iphone 11 with otterbox on it?

Answer: It should. I have the 11 with a case and it’s a good fit.

Customer Review

The suction part works perfect. The fact that it’s larger than my last phone mount makes sure it sticks to any surface. Even without the extra 3M mounting piece. The package also arrived sooner than I expected and upon opening, there’s a card that gave me the a product warranty along with a link to extend in case anything ever happens to it. So for under $20, I have a phone mount with a 24 month warranty. I think that alone made me feel even better about this purchase. Win win!!

3. Mpow Car Phone Mount

Mpow focuses on the innovative and smarter mounting solution and blazes past other traditional dashboard car mounts. Up to 15cm/5.9in aluminum long gooseneck sends the dashboard Phone mount much closer to you without blocking your sight, giving you the freedom to position it on multiple locations on the dashboard or windshield. Most importantly, it can be bent to avoid obstructing display and irregular vents.

Super strong vacuum suction cup features a layer of sticky gel and a locking lever which can maximize the stability and keep the mount in place. Comes with an anti-shake stabilizer, it safely hold the device without vibrating and wobbling even on rough roads. The suction cup is reusable and washable, Simply rinse in water and let air dry to restore the stickiness. As summer approaches and days are getting hotter, please avoid direct exposure to the sun as this may affect the function of your car mount.

Question: Is this easy to install or remove? Will it leave a mark on car?

Answer: Easy to use. Very nice product. Frequently bought together and well works with Guanda Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Bluetooth Adapter High-end Car Music Player.

Question: Do the sides have a silicone grip to keep my phone in place?

Answer: The sides of the unit 'squeeze' together to fit your phone. It will make a click sound when it has secured the phone. To release the phone, the is a button on the left side under the grip. Push it in and the arms release to original opening. Never had mine pop open or lose the grip.

Question: Does this work for older iPhone models?

Answer: It should. The arms adjust to a pretty small size. I have the 8 but it would work with a 5 or 6 probably.

Customer Review

Seriously, the BEST phone mount!! I had been so frustrated with car phone mounts. This was the 5th one I had tried in just a matter of months, and the search is over. The design is perfect. Its sturdy, and you can position it anywhere that works for you. Other phone mounts didnt stick to my dash, so I had to go with the horrible air vent know because its wonderful having your vent blocked. Not anymore! Please MPOW keep making these mounts, I am going to tell everyone about it. It saved me so much frustration!

4. VANMASS Phone Holder for Car

Loads up to 44LBS, 1.5 times others for firm stick.

Overcome falling problem of other cell phone holder for cars in extreme weather.

Create a smooth area on textured dash for perfect mounting.

Innovatively optimize 2 controlled gears into 1 gear structure for full 2-side control.

Widest Clamps fit for all phone & cases.

Advanced reusable PU Epoxy Gel is Easily removed without residue.

Water rinse to renew stickiness of car mount.

The telescopic arm can pivot up or down for best view.

Question: I have my lg phone in a thick sturdy case. how long are the clamps? i wonder if they are long enough to hold my 1.5 cm thick phone.

Answer: This kind of car phone mount could expand, the expanded width of the clamp arms is from 45mm~97mm(1.77inch~3.74inch), so the width of your phone and case if within this range, it is suitable to use this kind of car mount.

Question: Will this work if I have a pop socket on my phone?

Answer: If the thickness of your phone plus your pop socket is less the 14mm, the your can use this car phone mount.

Question: Does it fit for a iPhone 11

Answer: Yes, this Car Phone Mount can holds the iPhone 11 well. It's compatible with 4"-7" phone with cases.

Customer Review

My husband and I bought these for our cars. I already had a phone mount in my car that I liked, but when I switched to a plus-sized phone, it barely fit. We are using these with iPhone XS Max in a thin bumper case with a Popsocket on the back and it holds the phone snugly. We are very happy with these!

UPDATE 11/24/18: We are now using these mounts with Loopy cases and the phone is still very secure. We still just slide the phone into the holder while holding the loop on the back of the case so it flattens out a bit.

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