Best Mini GPS Tracker on Amazon 2020

Your vehicle with mini gps tracker, You can easily track your child and pets where they are. With these devices, it records the location information of everything you want to follow. In cases such as theft, you can learn the location with these devices.

1. Tracki 2020 Model Mini GPS Tracker

With Tracki device, easily track people, cars or assets in real time. Always know what is going on at anytime, anywhere. Tracki with the built-in SIM card Worldwide mini GPS Tracker allows you to monitors location with pinpoint accuracy and track anywhere discreetly while giving you real-time updates. Whether you’re watching the movements of loved ones when you’re not around, guarding expensive items against theft, or monitoring your delivery drivers’ routes, the Tracki 3G Tracker gives you the reliable, real-time tracking performance you need.

Use Tracki for any tracking purpose! Don’t spend too much time and energy looking for stolen, misplaced, and/or lost items. Tracki will solve those issues. Keep tabs on your most important items track your precious things in real-time, alerting and sending notifications through app, text and email. Tracki's location is accessible on any computer or Android or iPhone apps. with GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tracking, accurately locate anything within 10-60 feet (3-20 meters).

Customer questions & answers

Question: How long will battery last on one charge?

Answer: If you want the battery to last 30 days can do it if you don’t need real time tracking, by tracking 6-8 times per day only. In order to set it you need to use the 4th tab on the device setting using the desktop app (this setting is not found on the phone app).

Question: I saw it comes with international sim but can i use my local sim in the caribbean?

Answer: Dear customer, Tracki works in 185 countries. Tracki comes with a built-in SIM and the device is working out-of-the-box within 5 minutes. No need for a local SIM card and you cannot change the SIM. You only pay on the app for the monthly fee of $19.95 or as low as $9.95 depending on the package.

Question: Will this work on gps when there is no cell service. Will the sos still work?

Answer: When there is no cell service, GPS locations will be stored on the device and GPS history will be reported once cell signal is established again. SOS will not be reported real time if there is no cell signal.

Customer Review

I have been using this mini gps tracker for approx. one month now, and I will say it does a very good job.

For the first week I used it with the original battery. Even though the instructions say not to put it in the trunk or the engine bay, I tried it anyway, first in the engine bay (placed high on the inside of the fender) and then the next day in the trunk (high on the inside of the fender). The tracker did a good job in both places and the accuracy was very good. The battery life with the original small battery was pretty good, it took about two days to go down to 50%. I had the settings on 1 minute (the most frequent currently available). The vehicle wasn't in constant motion all day, so keep in mind, if it was, and reporting every minute, it would consume more battery, so you could always change to a less frequent time (5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 120).

The history of where the tracker has been is being recorded based on these reporting times. You can look up past history many ways (the last few hours or a date range). This info. can be downloaded if needed. I ordered the waterproof case with the larger battery and have been using that for the last three weeks.

The battery life with it is a huge improvement (it took two weeks to go down to 50%), and I used it in the trunk and engine bay also with no negative issues. I have talked with Customer Service a few times to report my thoughts, and I will say, they are as good as anyone could hope. I have tracked my device with an iPhone/iPad and on a PC using various browsers. I will say that if you use an iPhone/iPad, and you want to see "live tracking", there are a couple of apps that you can use.

The newer Tracki app still has a few bugs they are working out (as far as seeing live tracking), but there is another app called Trackimo, and it doesn't have all the "bells and whistles" of the new app, but "live tracking" works well on it. Keep in mind the history of the device is being recorded (no matter what app or device you use to check it), so you can always check it out from any computer with a browser. There are many applications someone could use this device for, and the tracker is so small, you could put it anywhere.

2. PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker

The Primetracking personal gps tracker tells you exactly where your loved ones and valuable possessions are, and where they’ve been.

Ultra-compact, lightweight, discrete and durable, it slips easily into bags, backpacks, trunks, and pockets, keeping you instantly in the know with just a simple click on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Does this come with a clip so it can be attached to clothing?

Answer: No, it does not come with a clip to attached to clothing. However, it can be easily put inside the pockets because of it's portable size.

Question: Hello. can this mini gps tracker a vehicle if the engine is turned off and can this be used for anti-car theft?

Answer: Yes it can track turned off

Question: Can I use this personal gps tracker in zones without signal coverage nor wifi?

Answer: Yes it will still track - and the data will upload to the system once you get service again.

Customer Review

Very impressed. We bought the tracker for our real estate agents to keep track of them and their showings. Everything was very accurate. The support is beyond anything I ever experienced. At the end of the day you never know when you show a house who you are showing it to. We like to be careful. This way we can keep everyone safe by giving them a tracker to make sure they are alright. We also use the tracker to our teens driving. It tells us how fast they are driving which honestly is my favorite part.

I've been using mini GPS tracker to track my (quite expensive) electric bike - just in case it gets stolen plus to see my routes after I'm done riding. I built it into my bike to where it's powered by the main bike battery. You can also power it with your car battery with a DC-DC converter - 12v-to-5v - or just take apart any usb car charger and wire it yourself. I think that's really the cheapest way because those things only cost like $1-$2 at auto shops (all it needs is a 5v input). I have another, very similar name-brand tracker (SpyTec) that I can compare this one too so I'll list out the good differences and the bad differences (Pros and Cons) below but before you see the cons, I should mention that I still think this GPS tracker is the way to go:


---- Cheaper in the long run: The device is the same price as the SpyTec GPS tracker BUT... the service is cheaper (for "faster" updates). SpyTec is $25/month updating location every 60 seconds. This one is $20/month (with a 6-month payment deal) for 10 second updates.

---- Seems well-built. Battery ran for well over a week before I decided to recharge (was down to around 30%).

---- Device appears to be water-tight, just like my other tracker - which is great :)

---- This one has a (usable) app! SpyTec does not.

---- Can export travel logs to


---- About 150% larger than the SpyTec GPS tracker. This could be due to a larger battery or just different electronics. Though it has the same battery life as the SpyTec.

---- Appears to only work in the US and Canada, where the SpyTec tracker works worldwide (as long as you call them and let them know you're traveling).

---- Not nearly as much info on the site. The SpyTec gives start/stop info for every GPS update. This one just shows a solid line. Website is not as user-friendly.

---- No text updates, only emails. This just means when the vehicle goes over the speed limit OR leaves a geofenced area, it will send an email instead of a text. I do miss getting texts from my SpyTec GPS but I'm willing to sacrifice that for the lower monthly fee of this one.

---- Limited notifications. This one only has geofencing and speed alerts where SpyTec has Geofencing, speed, ignition on, ignition off, tow alert (I LOVE THIS ONE, I wish PrimeTracking had this alert), function key and low battery alert.

---- Shows speed in mph but distance in km. Can't find a way to switch distance to miles. Not a huge con but I wish I could change it.

---- Less tracking options than SpyTec.

NOTE: By default, the device is set to only update every 60 seconds. In order to switch it to 10-second updates, you have to either contact support and have them do it for you or do it yourself by following these instructions:

"To access the Upload interval setting; Visit PrimeTracking.Net > Click more under your tracker to the left > Click Upload Interval > to set the 10 second interval enter 10 into each of the four boxes and click save > if the tracker is online and the settings is saved, you will get a notification that says "Command saved" otherwise you will get one that says "please make device online first"."

Overall though, I think this personal gps tracker is ALMOST 5 stars. It's almost there. If they added a few features to their site (like tow alerts, the ability to pick an update point to see information [instead of having to click "play" and then "pause" at the point you want to see] and text alerts), I'd say 5 stars all the way. It just needs some work on the website/tracking side of things. If their site gets updated with a more user-friendly UI and some additional options, I'll come back and give it 5 stars. Other than those things though, this GPS unit really does work quite well. And at a great subscription price. Good for tracking a stolen car, your kids or a significant other that you suspect of cheating.

3. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

This mini Gps tracker, compact and small . Use it for almost every tracking purpose: Vehicles, assets, family, employees, etc. Easy to carry in vehicles, pockets, backpacks, cases and boxes. Rechargeable battery. This gl300w is ready to work . We save 1 full year of historical data. Device will detect events as: Movement, parked, speeding, device on/off, low battery, in and out of zones, front button pressed. You may draw and configure circular and more complex custom zones.

Besides capturing and saving events, the system will enable you to configure e-mail notifications for specific events. In the box: Gl300 w tracker, wall charger, sim card (installed),activation instructions.

We provide an international sim card, so you can track your devices in the united states, Canada, Europe and in almost every country in the world. No contracts. No activation fees. No cancellation fees. Only pay for a plan when you need it. Note: As with all GPS receivers, it works better if there are not obstacles between it and the open sky, specially if they are made up of metal or concrete. Track your device from your computer, tablet or phone.

Customer questions & answers

Question: What makes it better than the spy tech device?

Answer: Hello, the unit sold here is the new version of the GL300 family. The old GL300 version (which is sold under different names) was a 2G. That means the old version has limited coverage as there is only one main carrier that supports 2G. You won´t have that problem with the new version. It uses newer technologies that do not have that limitation, so you can expect better and extended coverage. Also, this new version has way better battery life than the old version. That is why this unit is better than the old GL300.

Question: Does this unit deactivate when not in motion like SpyTec to preserve battery life or is it always running?

Answer: Dear Customer. It can work both ways. Please make sure you contact support so they can set the settings you want. Please note that if you keep the unit awake battery will drain faster. I think it won't be necessary to keep the unit awake as it has an internal motion detector that wakes up the unit as soon as it starts moving.

Customer Review

This mini GPS tracker works perfectly as long as you set it up correctly. Here are some tips that I learned along the way:

1) Location. I bought this to track my wife's car location. The GPS comes with general instructions for placement but you have to make it work. Most newer model cars have a shroud under most of the undercarriage. I placed the GPS in a magnetic case and put it under the shroud along the wheel well. Didn't work. I finally moved it to the bumper on the metal brace that actually extends further than the trunk. Worked great after that.

2) Battery life. The GPS will shut off after 5 minutes of no motion then kick back on when motion is detected. You regulate the battery life by setting how often the GPS "pings" its location. I used the app as well as the website to view the tracking. They both are very simplistic but still easy to use. You will not see the location as you would on say a Garmin or Google Maps in a constant location.

If you set it to ping every 5 seconds your battery will day in a matter of days. All you should really be concerned about is when it starts and where it ends. So I set mine to 90 seconds and got a little over 2 weeks on the battery before I had to recharge it.

3) Alerts. There are a variety of alerts you can set in the software. I set the notifications to email me when the device detected movement and then an alert for non-movement. Then I would know when to get on the app and see where the GPS was and where it ended up.

Totally worth the money.

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