Most Preferred 3 Mini Trash Can for Car

What I need most in my car is the mini trash can. I'm someone who consumes a lot of snacks. I throw my trash into these small boxes and my car remains clean, I recommend it to you, you should definitely have one in your car. I have listed the 3 most preferred mini trash cans below.

1. Fochutech Mini Trash Can

Small trash can maintains Your Vehicle Clean and Organized, yet do not occupy the other space of the car. The car garbage can could stay organized while traveling or vacationing. It is very handy for you.

"PUSH" Lid Opens Effortlessly & Closes Automatically. Simply Push the flip lid and toss litter in. You’ll never have to worry about garbage scattering in your vehicle again! fit into cup holder, with clip, could hang the car garbage can in car door "pocket".

Customer questions & answers

Question: Does it come with a clip?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a clip and you could hook it for using

Question: Is the hook sturdy?

Answer: The hook is very sturdy.

Customer Review

Our 2019 Subaru Forester has a small center console compartment which I filled with other stuff, so no room for a garbage bag. Thus I bought two of these bins, one for each of the front door beverage holders (there are two more beverage holders in the front console we use for beverages). The bins don't fit tight in the door but they won't fall out; if you turn them just so, they wedge in and won't rattle. I ordered black and they are almost invisible in the mostly black interior.

Perfect for tissues or for wrappers from gum or granola bars, and easy to rinse clean if needed.

When I've pointed them out to friends and family who were passengers they admired the "cute mini garbage can" so I might buy more as gifts.

2. Oudew Car Small Trash Can with Lid

It can be fit into cup holder or car door "pocket", door water bottle holder; it's also great next to your computer, on your nightstand or to throw cotton balls or cotton swabs in when doing your makeup; common use for automotive car, home, office ect., can also be applied to kitchen, living room, bedroom, study, dinning room, bathroom, wherever you want to try.

With the easy bounce cover design, you can easily and effortlessly put garbage into the garbage can, because the spring is very flexible.

New diamond cup body design, simple and generous, very fashionable, put in the car or your desk is a beautiful scenery.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Exact dimentsion when fully open? how tall (top to bottom), how wide (one side to the right side) and how deep (inside from one side to the next side).

Answer: Length: 9.8 inch , width: 2.4 inch , height: 4.8 inch.

Question: How does the bin secure behind the console?

Answer: Our trash can has a special jack on it. You can fix it on the mat or on the back of the seat.

Question: Can the trash can fit in a cup holder?

Answer: Yes. Perfectly.

Customer Review

These are a perfect size for the car door. I don't have that much trash in my car so they don't fill up fast, and I just empty them when I fuel up, and thus, no issues with the size as others may have expressed. These are sturdy and the little flap is firm, and I have not had any issues and I have had these about three months now. I really like them.

3. AISIBO Car Garbage Can

Mini garbage can with premium quality materials to provide maximum strength, durability, and longevity. Vehicle Car Auto Garbage Trash Can Dimension: Measures 2.5" diameter at the base; 3.7" diameter at the top; and 8" Height. The plastic cover can be removed, retrofitting garbage bags to facilitate cleaning. Car Trash Can Can be used in car, home, office, can be used as trash can, ashtray, cup holder or coins holder.

Customer Review

These trash cans use an excellent graduated cup which should fit almost all cup holders. I use these in a 2013 Prius V and they fit the door cup holders nice and snug. They have been durable for the couple months I have been using them. When a rider takes one of my mints they always make a positive (many are very enthusiastic) comment when they see they can toss the mint wrapper in this can.

Fits perfectly in my 2019 Nissan Frontier driver and passenger door cup holders. Works great. Quick to empty. Highly recommended.

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