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We recommend that you have pliers set tools that will make your life easier in your garage at home. Below we have listed the 3 best plier sets for you.

1. IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP GrooveLock Pliers Set includes three GrooveLock pliers with Press-n-Slide buttons for fast adjustment as well as a chrome vanadium adjustable wrench and long nose, diagonal cutting, linesman's, and slip joint pliers. All tools in the set feature non-slip and anti-pinch ProTouch grips. Kitbag included.

Customer Review

This is a great set of tools with the best channel-lock pliers on the market. The tool assortment is perfect for a great assortment of jobs, and the case makes it very convenient to be sure that you have all the needed tools with you. The grips on the tools are very comfortable and the fit of the tools in general is very nice.

If I could change anything about this set, I would change the case to include a flap to fold over the top of the tools. As it stands, the tools will fall out of the case if you carry it with the open end down. I accidentally did that just tonight, in fact. I have other multi-sets of things such as files and things of that nature that have a flexible case like this, but there is a flap that folds over the top to keep items from falling out. This would be a good change to this set.

With that minor concern noted, I will still give this set a five-star rating and a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED notation.

I have been working in a variety of professions for quite a while. Weekly I receive phone calls for advice/troubleshooting and “WOW” professionals/clients around the country with my own techniques and solutions. Irwin nailed it! Best pliers out there. Simple design and superior function. Love these, and most other Irwin products have consistently been dependable, versatile, and just all around awesome!

2. WORKPRO 7-piece Pliers Set

The set includes: 8-inch groove joint, 8-inch and 6-inch slip joint, 7-inch linesman, 6-inch and 4.5-inch long nose, and 6-inch diagonal pliers.

DROP FORGED POLISHED STEEL: Heat treated durable body construction.

HARDENED CUTTING EGDES: Long-lasting, increased cutting ease and performance.

COMFORT GRIP HANDLE: Double-dipped coating to ensure safe and secure non-slip handling.

CONVENIENT FOR: DIY home maintenance, garden projects, and more! Great additions to your existing basic tool set. Tips: pliers are covered in grease to prevent getting rusty.

Customer Review

This plier set was a great buy.

The channel locks were a bit smaller than I expected, but the set was well worth the price and I can't fault the this purchase for smaller than expected channel locks ..... which work great I might add. So 5-star is my choice!!!

In hind sight, I prefer the smaller CLs as my larger ones are a bit over-kill for a lot of projects I work on.


These tools are great for the price and do the job asked of them. you cant beat the price with a stick. I wanted them for my fishing tackle box. Have used many of them while fishing, tightening reel brace, tightening small nuts on reels, cut fishing hook off barb to get a hooked dog free, and removing hooks from fish. They have gotten wet, dropped in the mud and all sorts of grime that would make expensive tool run. If your just looking for inexpensive pliers for odd jobs you shouldn't be sorry with these.

3. Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers Set

Craftsman EVOLV 5 pc. green plier set provides the right-sized tool for the job. The set includes a 6" diagonal pliers, 6" long nosed pliers, 7" lineman pliers, 6" slip joint pliers, and 8" groove joint pliers. Ergonomically engineered handle for comfortable grip when cutting, bending, and gripping with these pliers. Bright green coloring makes the pliers easy to spot on a workbench or in a toolbox.

Customer Review

I got a set of these about a year ago that I use pretty much daily as an entry level mechanic. Firstly, they're not even remotely close to the snap-on equivalent. Don't kid yourself. If you are looking for a lifetime tool set for an industry job, this aint it. HOWEVER, for the other 99% of people, these are great for occasional use and weekend wrenching. My set started getting a bit of surface rust after about 9 months, but that's likely because I cleaned them thoroughly and didn't re-oil them. Otherwise I cannot complain at all.

They don't grip as well as snap-on, but that's rarely an issue. I will be upgrading soon, but these pliers are going straight into my tool box at home where they'll hopefully serve me for years to come.

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