Most Popular 3 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner 2020

You are looking for practical small handy hand-held portable equipment to clean your car, portable car vacuum cleaner will do the job. These brooms are the best products for you to remove small crumbs, animal hair etc. small dirt in your vehicle. We have listed the most preferred and satisfied mini vacuum cleaners for you.

1. ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

This portable car vacuum cleaner weighs only 2.4 lbs but has a high power, 106W & 8.8 amps motor and metal turbine for the ultimate suction power. The 16ft power cord connects to the car’s 12V lighter port, for maximum coverage.

The ergonomic design of this handheld car vacuum ensures you can reach all the nooks and crannies of your car. The transparent trash container makes it easy to empty it and the protective lid keeps the trash inside at all times.

The mini car vacuum set features 3 all-purpose nozzles, a carrying bag for easy storage, a special filter cleaning brush and a spare HEPA filter. It makes for an awesome gift for ride-sharing drivers & car lovers!

Customer questions & answers

Question: Is the cord long enough to reach back seat?

Answer: Yes, it is. Long enough even for back seats in a minivan.

Question: How do I clean the inside of a vacuum cleaner?

Answer: It's very easy. Let me give step-by-step manual.

1- Take off the dust container using a button on the top of the vac

2- Pull out the HEPA filter. It may ask for little more strength for the first time.

3- Depending on how dirty the filter is you can just clean it with a small brush or with water.

Question: is it rechargable?

Answer: It is plugged into the cigarette lighter. The car battery is its energy source.

Question: Is there replacement filter after the spare is old or damaged? What is the expected lifespan (cleaning) of each filter?

Answer: Yes there is one spare filter. The lifespan depends on many things like often do you use the cleaner and what kind of dirt getting inside of it. Also it depends on how you clean the filter. We suggest using special brush for it.

Anyway, if both filters are dead during two years after the purchase - just let us know. Will send you two more spare filters.

Customer Review

This thing is awesome! I only a 2018 Dodge Durango that sadly does not have leather seats. I own three dogs and it is just a nightmare pulling out my extension cord to vacuum my truck. I can now just plug this little guy into my 12v car outlet and I’m good to go! The power in this portable car vacuum cleaner is as good as it’s going to get for a best car vacuum so if you want extreme suction - buy a shop vac. Also the attachments are fantastic.

2. GNG Cordless Car Vacuum

This cordless car vacuum cleaner has Strong Aluminum Fan to support dry and wet use, so it can suck up dust, pet hair and spilled water efficiently. This portable car vacuum cleaner 4800 pa a high-power 106 W lithium ion battery owner. Plastic with aluminum fan so it will hold up to wear and tear! Forget about the dustpan and the annoying tight places you cannot reach. It can reach every small corner in your house, car or shed.

Creates flawless cleaning, so your car will look as new. The filter is washable, so you can wash it easily repeatedly and it will stay as new. Your dust compartment is transparent, so no need to open it and check its status every few minutes. You can see the dirt and dust pile up while cleaning. It is the best product for cleaning your car, tight places at your house and other dirty places.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Where to purchase replacement filters?

Answer: Can not purchase another filter. The filter can be washed.

Question: Is there an available replacement battery?

Answer: The portable car vacuum cleaner comes with a built-in battery that can not be replaced. The vacuum cleaner can work even when it's plugged in. Or vehicle charger.

Question: Does your vac charge via the car cable?

Answer: The cleaner comes with 2 chargers, one car charger and one heart charger.

Customer Review

Very strong mini vacuum cleaner! Perfect for car and home! (Since I got it I barely use the one I had at home, only for long and heavy works. Battery lasts more than 30 mins on a single charge. Comes with extension pipe and two attachments. Also works (even stronger) when directly connected to a power source in home or car (cords included). The portable car vacuum cleaner and all the accessories are perfectly fit in the included bag.

3. LOZAYI Mini Car Vacuum

Lozayi mini car vacuum Reach every spot with the 16.4ft long power cord, can effective and fast remove all the dirt that you can even not see,support dry and wet use, you'll never have to worry about cleaning those hard to reach places again.

Lozayi powerful 100W motor portable car vacuum cleaner is specially designed for your car. It can get professional results save time and money for you. Quickly suck pet hair, dust, bread crumbs, water etc under 75 decibels super low noise level. Corded handheld and high power, you can use the cordless car vacuum whenever and wherever as long as you want, a good partner for your car.

The Stainless Steel HEPA filter and 360 degree cyclone technology, make the air and dust separate quickly without blocking the filter, deep purification and release of fresh air, Create a more pleasant journey.

Customer questions & answers

Question: is the mini car vacuum can be charge at a regular plug in home or only in car?

Answer: It can be charged in car,but if you have the adapter, you can also use it in home.

Question: Can I replace the filter, and also how long do they last for?

Answer: Off course, you can replace the filter, car vacuum provides one-year warranty.

Customer Review

 I really wasn't expecting the level of suction power, it also sucked in a big piece of hard plastic that was under the seat. I particularly like the long cable and the easiness to clean. (I owned another mini car vacuum before but was cordless and didn't have the suction power that this little one has and when the battery dies, have to wait until next day to finish the job). Not with this one. It is light weight, more quiet than the other one I had before and better performance. If you are looking for a compact, quiet and great performance car vacuum, this is the one you want. Love it.

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