Best RV Jack Pad 2020 | Buyer Guide

1. Camco RV Jack Pads

Camco's RV Jack Pads are used to help prevent jacks from sinking into the ground. Use them with stack jacks, trailer tongues, 5th wheel jacks and swing arm supports. They have a built-in handle and a storage strap is included for easy storage. They are constructed of durable UV stabilized resin for years of use. Their heavy-duty construction and rib design are optimized for increased strength. Be sure to use with flat side down to help prevent slipping and sinking. Contains 4 jack pads.

Customer Review

Love em, and reasonably priced! I have three sets now, rather than carrying bulky and heavy boards for under my four travel trailer stabilizer jacks I just stack as many of these under each (unequal) side as needed to make my electrical powered stabilizer jacks land simultaneously and maintain my leveled position.(I first level with easy to use drive on Beech Lane Camper Levelers. So in combination, these work great). I store 6 on each side in my basement compartments, so I don't have to keep crossing over to the other side to get additional lift - rarely, if ever, would I need more than 6 on a side, so it comes out pretty efficient with a pretty insignificant cost.

I had been looking for something just like this rv jack pad to go between uneven camping surfaces and the stabilizer jacks of the travel trailer. It provides a little bit more of a "form-fit" between the bottom of the 4 stabilizers on my travel trailer and the inevitably non completely flat surface such as dirt, grass or uneven campground pavement. The rubber better contours to ground surface and the result for me is a snugger level and a more stabilized travel trailer and I am very happy with the simplicity and ruggedness of this product.

2. RoadWarrior Heavy Duty RV Jack Pad

Lightweight, easy to set up, will never break or splinter, supports all RV jacks from sinking or damaging paved surfaces.

Unbreakable, supports up to 50,000 lbs, 100 percent waterproof, can be stacked for additional height. An order quantity of 1 equals 1 pad. To receive 4 pads, please add 4 to your cart.

Provides better performance in softer conditions, excellent support and stabilizer for heavy RVs. Our patented TuffGrip handles are waterproof, unbreakable, and make placing your camper jack pads a snap.

Customer Review

I have a small circular foot on my rv jack pad so I probably didn’t need anything this big but when it comes to safety I don’t play around! I’ve herd the stabilizer blocks can break when used off concrete so I bought this to make it more solid. I’m sure glad I did!

It seems to be a solid pad and the block doesn’t slide around. Now with the rain it’s still holding its own. I’m impressed with the quality and the carrying handle- I don’t have to get filthy muddy if ever I need to remove the pad. Overall it seems worth the price!

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