The Best Rv Power Converter on Amazon 2020

Rv power converter, which is one of the most essential and most important equipment in the vehicles of rv lovers. It is one of the auxiliary equipment you will need to use the electrical equipment that you will operate in your vehicle wherever you go. If you are researching to buy the right product, I want to help you. I have listed the 2 most preferred products on Amazon, along with user reviews, you should review before buying.

1. Powermax Rv Power Converter

The PowerMax PM3 Series converters 110V ac power to 12V dc power to charge a battery and/or power 12V equipment. With our state of the art 3 Stage Smart Charging and adjustable power supply modes, the PowerMax AC to DC power converter/battery charger are engineered with the user and variable environmental conditions in mind. They will fully charge and maintain any battery type while providing very clean DC Power. Ideal for use in RV, Automotive, Boat, Car Audio, or any applications where battery charging and/or 12V power is needed.

The PowerMax PM3 Series are available in a wide range of amperage sizes, and with 24V, 48V versions and 12Vdc – 220Vac models we can fit every power requirement. PM3 Series Converters can also be wired in Series or Parallel to reach even higher power outputs.

Customer questions & answers

Question: What are the dimension?

Answer: Overall length is 10.25 inches. Height is3.5 inches. Width of case without the mounting ears is 6.9 inches, with mounting tabs 7.5 inches.

Question: Is having a battery necessary if permanantly plugged into RV park?

Answer: Yes, you can when wiring I would suggest a switch automatic or manual when plugged into shore power. It will extend your inveter and batteries life. By having that switches you 110v plugs and accessories to direct short power when plugged in. This will let inverter, battery and charger rest more as well as charge faster.

Question: Can this power a car audio system?

Answer: Check the output power of this converter, and compare to the input power requirements of the car audio device, which will be on a label affixed to the chassis.

Question: Will this charge my camper battery?

Answer: Yes! That is it's purpose, to provide 12v dc to the rig and a separate charge circuit for the house battery's. you can get it in a couple of different power outputs depending on size of your rig, number of 12 volt accessories and number of house batteries.

Customer Review

I ordered this rv power converter to replace the giant OEM converter that was sucking our house batteries dry in our 1986 Foretravel Grand Villa "Barn Find" restoration project. The install was straight forward and simple. I have watched the converter for about a week now and it is keeping the batteries very stable and functional. I have attached a picture to show the compartment that will be an Auxiliary electronics bay. Eventually this will mounted on an aluminum slide out tray for servicing or additional wiring.

Although the old converter was a 75 Amp converter, I seriously doubt that the old converter would push the 75 amps, so in this instance, I opted for the 55 Amp model. Under full load, the Powermax is more that adequate. Also the fan noise is about 80 decibels less that the original. Its fan is temperature controlled and is not much more than a whisper when on. the old converter sounded like a box fan from the minute it went on shore power and ran constantly.

My thought is: If you are looking to replace your old battery burning converter, look no farther. The Powermax converters are dependable, quiet and will do the job you need quite admirably.

2. WFCO Rv Converter

The WF-9800 Series meets your needs for clean DC power ranging from 35 to 75 Amps. With versatility like this, it’s ideal for use in a wide array of recreational vehicles. Built on 40 years of power equipment experience, the WF-9800 Series converters are equipped with an advanced 3-stage charger. This rv power converter source solution is designed to provide clean power wherever and whenever it’s needed. Model WF-9855. Output: 55 Amps DC. Input: 105-130 VAC, 60 Hz, 940W.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Can the cooling fan be replaced?

Answer: Yes, the cooling fan can be replaced. It is a separate unit like the cooling fans used in personal computers. However, the fan is thermally controlled. It only activates when there is a large electrical load on the system.

Question: Just ordered the rv power converter, replacing same brand 45 amp with this 55 amp. As far as installation are there plugs in the back for the wiring?

Answer: It has a plug to plug into 110 and then connectors for the other wires. Super easy to install.

Question: Can I put a separate battery in my camper an have this unit charge it from the truck when the truck is running?

Answer: The WFCO needs a 110 volt supply, it converts 110 AC to 12 DC. in the camper you can hook another battery in series.

Customer Review

This rv power converter appears to be working well after the install. The install itself is very simple and straight forward. This product is completely RF quiet, which was important to me since I operate sensitive radios for long distance communication in the RV. This is the second WFCO product I have used. The previous one started giving signs of failure after about 5 years on the job operating on a daily basis 24/7. The first one was still working but started making a loud hissing noise. That was a sign that it was time to put it out to pasture and avoid a complete failure at the least opportune time. If this one lasts another 5 years, I'll feel like I got my money's worth...again.

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