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I love suv type cars with large, spacious, driving pleasure and comfort. When I bought a car, my preference was in this direction. We spend a lot of money on our cars, most of us live in big cities, I use suv car cover to protect from air pollution, acid rains, extreme sun rays from such problems. I strongly recommend you use it for you. In order not to cause excessive depreciation of our car, you should definitely buy suitable car protective product for your car. Below, I have listed the most preferred suv car cover products for you.

1. Bliifuu Suv Car Cover

Bliifuu Suv Car Cover is made of high quality industry material 190T which has better protection than 170T car covers, more wear-resistant and tear-resistant. The high-density 190T polyester fabric makes it perfect and long use for outdoor - indoor against all weathers. And silver surface is high temperature resistant with reflecting high-sensitivity performance in hot summer.

Bliifuu Suv Car Cover is made of high-strength and high-density material, single layer as strong as umbrella against rain, with sunscreen coating as outer surface against UV rays and smooth inner layer good for car paint. The material features offer easy use on car as well as good protection.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Can I cover my srx Cadillac?

Answer: Yes, it fits your srx Cadillac and can cover the wheel too.

Question: Will this fit a 2008 Rav4?

Answer: It will be a little big for 2008 Rav4. Suv cover is 190" long and your car is 181.1", a little loose.

Question: Does it has UV protection?

Answer: Yes, it can protect your car from UV and high temperature in summer, make your car more cooler.

Customer Review

The package came in really fast, same day order as a matter of fact. When the package arrived, it has a silver bag that the car cover is inside. The bag is the same material as the cover itself.

My husband took the cover out and tried it on our 2019 Ford Escape. It work great! The cover is pretty universal for all suv. For my Ford, it was able to cover most of my suv. The cover sheet has these cool reflected strips on the front, back and mirrors. And, YES it has mirror pockets for your mirror! It also have straps that you can tie to each wheels, and there is also a buckle that goes under the car as well. This give the cover a firm and secure hug to your vehicle. It also save on time and money to buy straps to hold it down. The cover sheet is made out of two layers of water proof material.

After my husband set up the car cover, it rained pretty hard where we lived. I went out to check on how the cover hold up after the rain, to my surprised, it was pretty good. It kept my suv dried and the cover did not fly off like other car covers I had used before.

One flaw that I did notice was that, on one of the mirror, it looked like it was sew wrong. After the rain it created a pocket of water by the mirror. Other than this, This suv cover is awesome and I would totally buy this product again.

2. Autsop Suv Car Covers Waterproof

Autsop suv car cover is prefect for all weathers and seasons. Car cover can achieve the effort of waterproof, windproof, snow-proof and protect your vehicle from odirt, UV pollutants. This product consists of 6 layers. First Layer Non-woven: Protective coating. Second Layer PE:100% Waterproof and Dust-proof. Third Layer EVA:100% Waterproof and Dust-proof. Fourth Layer PE:100% Waterproof and Dust-proof. Fifth Layer Aluminium film:Sun-proof and Anti-UV. Sixth Layer Cotton:Protect car paint.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Are there fluorescent strips on the front and back?

Answer: Only on the front

Question: Which one will fit 2019 honda crv?

Answer: a8 product will be fit

Question: Does this cover protect against hail?

Answer: Yes, this cover protect against hail. Four seasons can be used, the quality is very good.

Customer Review

We bought this suv car cover for our 2018 Toyota Highlander because it's parked under some huge pine trees that drop sap and we absolutely love it! It's easy to put on and very light to carry yet seems very durable. We've taken it off after a rainstorm and the car is absolutely dry underneath so it works perfectly. There's a very wide flap on the inside so that the zipper never touches the car (a previous reviewer complained about the zipper but must not have had the cover on correctly because the zipper should never touch the car just by the way it's made). There's also a flap on the outside of the zipper too.

There's a strap that you can use if it's really windy outside but the cover fits so well, all the way to the bottom of the car, that we haven't needed to use the strap yet. We are very happy with this cover and would definitely recommend it.

3. GUNHYI Outdoor Car Covers

GUNHYI car covers protect your compact or large vehicle four seasons from harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, snow, rain, industrial pollutants and bird droppings. This covers adopts 6 layers aluminum fabric, great for sunproof rainproof, wear-resistant and tear-resistant.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Does it have grommets in the center for hooking with a cord?

Answer: It has a strap and buckle that goes under the front of the covered car.

Question: Will it fit 2018 nissan rogue?

Answer: Size F4 is ok for this model.

Question: Will this last when properly strapped in high winds similar to a hurricane?

Answer: In hurricane-like winds I'm more worried about my camper getting blown away, but my GunHyi cover did survive some nasty winter weather including two separate bomb cyclones.

Customer Review

I use this suv car cover for indoor purposes only to keep dust off my vehicle while I’m away during the week, so I cannot comment on whether the cover is waterproof nor water resistant.

I can, however, state that this cover fits perfectly on my 2020 Hyundai Palisade. And it keeps my vehicle dust free.

The material looks and feels like it’s of good quality. Not too thick nor heavy in weight.

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