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If you have a Tesla model 3 vehicle, you are among very special people. Having this special tool requires taking good care of it, you must protect it carefully, from all kinds of malfunctions and dirt. You are on this site because you are looking for Tesla model 3 floor mats. I want to help you with this, we have listed the best floor mats you can find in amazon below.

1. 3D MAXpider Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

The 3D MAXpider KAGU Series tesla model 3 floor mats are designed to provide complete automotive interior protection from dirt, mud, salt, rain, snow and keep your vehicle’s floor clean and pristine in all seasons.

Using high-precision laser scanning technology, each floor mat is custom-made for your car model with maximum accuracy and coverage compared to OEM and universal car mats. The raised side walls provide seamless edge-to-edge protection and prevent dirt from getting underneath the carpet.

The innovative hybrid material floor liners offer many greater benefits than traditional car mats. The Thermoplastic Rubber Surface offers waterproof protection and complements every interior with a sleek modern texture; the lightweight XPE Foam Cushion absorbs vibrations, reduces road noise and increases passenger comfort; the patented MAXpider Anti-Skid Backing grips the floor firmly and prevents the mats from sliding around without damaging the original carpet.

Customer Review

This tesla model 3 floor mats fantastic!!. These mats, unlike most all weather mats, have a great texture that prevents your feet from sliding around. They fit the Model 3 like a glove and the hook (velcro) style material keeps them firmly in place.

They look far more stylish then the factory floor mats or the crappy all weather mats Tesla is selling. They hold a ton of dirt and water.

They will get you compliments (I have never gotten compliments on floor mats before but I do on these, go figure).

About the only bad thing I can say about them is that Maxpider NEEDS TO DITCH THE ULTRA SHINY 3D LOGO its obnoxious. I solved that particular problem by cutting a small piece of black adhesive 3M window tint onto each one to mask it over.

Love these tesla model 3 floor mats. The car is kind of hard to get in and out of in the front. These floor mats have a tall lip all the way around the edge so they stay put as I push against them, getting into and out of the car. At the same time, they are easy to remove to shake clean. Since they have a lip all around, you don't have to worry about any dirt getting around the edge of the mat. I really like that, too.

Some people don't like the 3D logo on the mat itself, I don't think it is something that really stands out once the mats are installed. I just think of the 3D as standing for Model 3, Dual Drive.

2. T1A TruBuilt 1 Automotive Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

So, you have a beautiful unblemished Tesla Model 3 and you want it to stay that way, but you also have kids or a sometimes messy lifestyle. Introducing the worry free, eco-friendly All Weather durable 100% latex interior floor mats by HEA. Go ahead, have fun and don't worry about the mess.

It's simple, if you have a carpet surface (which you do) then it will get filthy and damaged. So, protect it with safe, thick (but light), flexible and odorless floor mats. Compared to others on the market, the HEA floor mats are superior, with a form raised outer edge and deep channels designed to contain liquids from reaching your carpet.

The heavy duty all weather floor mats are made of 100% latex material and are laser cut to fit every angle of your vehicle's flooring for the ultimate protection from outside debris such as dirt, mud, snow and/or any liquids including chemicals. The soft Latex construction will NEVER harden, crack or curl.

Customer Review

We live in Arizona, so not a huge need for all-weather mats. However, a friend recommended these Tesla Model 3 floor mats to me and I figured it would be good to save wear on the factory carpet mats.

After ordering, received the package overnight. I put them in our car and they fit perfectly. I like how they flexible and relatively light. There was a slight odor at first, but this went away after a day or so...

If you're looking for a nice set of mats for your Model 3, I recommend these!

Great floor mats For Tesla Model 3. Not terribly thick but that’s a good thing as I don’t want mats that might interfere with pedal operation. I prefer the linear designs on these mats over studded or honeycombed designed mats I’ve seen. Has a small lip to prevent water from sloshing onto floor. Mats don’t slide on carpet. Absolutely no off gassing detected right out of the box. Made of latex

3. Teexpert Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

The Tesla Model 3 floor mats set contains EXTENDED EDGE and LIP to protect from liquids, dirt and water, covers the entire carpet area of vehicles.

The Tesla model 3 ALL WEATHER interior mats prevent snow, ice, rain, water. ALL SEASON, winter salt, mud will never do any damage to the car. The high quality polyester fiber on the bottom is light weight, easy to install and carry.

Customer Review

I wanted the floor mats to fit the interior of the simple, classy, and luxury design of the Model 3. I didn't think most of the rubber or PVC product's rough look would match the style of the car. After spending over an hour searching and "researching", I took a leap of faith on getting these because there wasn't any review. The tesla model 3 floor mats arrived in less than 24 hours! We can't be happier with the fast delivery, and the quality of the mats is beyond our expectation.

1. Perfect match for the interior black color of the Model 3.

2. Feels and looks luxurious.

3. Perfect fit in each area, secured down with velcro strips.

4. The price is hard to beat!

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