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Use our waterproof car covers to protect your vehicle in summer and in winter in hot and cold weather are important tools. Buying a good car cover will extend the life of your car. The most important way to get quality products before purchasing is for what you have bought before. We have listed the most preferred 3 car covers for you click. I hope the auxiliary services.

1. Autsop Car Cover Waterproof

Non-woven fabric, PE, EVA, aluminum film, cotton and other materials are perfectly combined into a tough layer, which has good resistance to sun and rain, better abrasion resistance and tear resistance.

Ten sizes and models are available for you to choose; Sedan SUV Jeep, A7 is suitable for hatchback. Suitable for Audi, Honda, Accord, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Suzuki, Rada, Lexus, Mercedes, Renault, Toyota, etc.

There are reflection stripes on the surface of the car cover at night. This way, you can easily see the outline of the car and avoid accidents; the hood is also designed with a rearview mirror pocket to cover the entire body.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Is this breathable car cover?

Answer: Yes, it is breathable, and it is protected from rain, snow and UV rays.

Question: Does this cover protect against hail?

Answer: Yes, this cover protect against hail.Four seasons can be used, the quality is very good, welcome to buy.

Customer Review

I’m very impressed with the fit and finish of this waterproof car cover. The A1-3L size (174” to 181”) fits my BMW (176” length) like a glove. The cover is very soft on the inside and the outside is water repellant. I like the shiny silver fabric on the outside because it helps keep the interior temperature of my car lower when parked in the hot sun. I had a thick fabric cover before and my car would get very hot when left covered in the sun. I also like the side view mirror pockets—a very important feature for a car cover to fit correctly. One note for my car. It has an exterior antenna on the left side next to the trunk lid. Rather than cut a hole in the cover, I unscrew the antenna and put it in the trunk when I take the cover out to use it. I’m glad I bought this cover and like it much more than my previous cover. I recommend this cover highly.

2. ELUTO Car Cover Outdoor Sedan Cover Waterproof

Silver Reflection, Protection Against UV rays : UV Protection Car Cover can effectively block the sun's UV rays on the surface and interior of the car, 4 Reflective Stripes at front warm the people in the night.

Waterproof Car Cover is made of High-density Polyester Fabric and silver coating can enhance the waterproof function and protect the surface of the vehicle from being scratched, and the sliver coating of the car will not cause any damage to the paint.

Car covers are easy to wear and fall off and equipped with four durable straps fixed on wheels and a central strap with buckle at the bottom, protect your car cover in heavy wind from blowing off.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Would it also repel heat?

Answer: Yes ,car cover will repel heat, ELUTO Car Covers are made of silver coating can effectively block the sun's UV rays on the surface and reduce he temperature interior of the car.

Question: Does fabric scratch paint?

Answer: ELUTO Car cover is made of High-density Polyester Fabric is waterproofed, soft and pliant,which is very safe for paint.

Question: How many layers thick is it?

Answer: ELUTO Sedan Car Covers are made of High-density Polyester Fabric ans silver coating, which can enhance waterproof function and against UV rays,our car cover won't not cause any damage to the car paint.

Customer Review

I bought this to use it over the winter since I don't drive my car when it snows. I got the larger model and it fits perfect on my 2016 Camaro. The fabric is pretty thick so it should last for quite some time. It comes in a nice little zipper bag, but good luck ever getting it to go back in. It has tie-downs for each of the wheels and there's also a strap in the center that goes underneath your car. We had some 20 to 30 mile per hour winds and the cover didn't show any signs on stress. This thing will pay for itself pretty quick by saving money on car washes. I'm very happy with the purchase, would recommend.

3. SEAZEN Car Cover 6 Layers

Driver door zipper for easy access. Straps at front & rear to protect your auto cover not blown away by heavy wind. Reflective stripe warm the people in the night. Mirror Pocket.

6 Layers, Aluminium*2 & PE*2 & Spunlaced Cloth*2. Aluminium is good at Sun Proof, PE is 100% Waterproof, Spunlaced Cloth Protect Vehicle Paint.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Can I wash it?

Answer: Yes of course, I usually leave my car under trees that drop leaves, branches, seeds, and bird poop and it's no problem because it can be washed and looks like new.

Question: Does this come with any straps to secure the cover to the vehicle?

Answer: Yes, we have straps on both front and back , At the same time, we also have elastic belt, which can fix the cover well.

Customer Review

This is our first car cover. I wanted one that had a soft inner lining and was waterproof. This fits the bill!! I use it on a 2018 Honda Pilot. The fit is good. It is a little snug across the side mirrors but when I fold them in it is perfect. Another great feature is the zipper on the driver's door! It is so convenient when I need something out of the car, since you can access the inside of the car without having to take the whole cover off. A small detail that I really like is the tag on the underside that says "Front" so you know which side goes, well, in front, since it is a large cover. Highly recommend this.

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