Best 3 Waterproof Motorcycle Cover 2020 | Buyer Guide

Motorcycle drivers are the most passionate people I have ever seen. These are the people who are extremely attached to their motorcycles. Motorcycles are their lifestyle and I admire them. Motorcycles are open vehicles, vehicles that can be exposed to the sun, rain, wind, and therefore easily damaged. Fortunately, there are great products to solve these problems. There are many brands in the market, but which one should be bought, which one is worth money burning, I want to help you with this. Below, I share with you the opinions of the most preferred purchased and purchased satisfied customers. Be sure to review it before purchasing.

1. Badass Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Badasa offers you a quality product. Dedicated to satisfy you with ultra design quality in waterproof motorcycle cover.

Lightweight, Premium quality 300Denier Polyester fabric incorporates high tech waterproof coatings. Taped seams add superior water protection. It is double vented so it's breathable.

Your cover will stay put, even in wind. It has a Durable elastic bottom hem on the bottom and a securing strap with an easy latch buckle for extra wind protection.

Metallic heat shielding over exhaust area helps protect cover from heat so you can cover it sooner after your ride. This also allows for moisture to escape and completely fall down, preventing build-up under the cover.

Customer questions & answers

Question: What size for a Kawasaki 2017 z650?

Answer: a Small cover will give your z650 a nice custom style fit

Question: Will this fit a suzuki gsxr 600? If so what size should i get?

Answer: A small size will be the best fit for your bike.

Question: will this cover fit a 2018 bow s1000rr? what size?

Answer: We would recommend the medium motorcycle cover for a new bmw S1000rr.

Customer Review

I bought this waterproof motorcycle cover from Amazon in March of 2017. It has been covering my motorcycle outside since then. I ride a few times a week, so it is constantly being taken off, thrown on the ground, and put back on again.

I live in Arkansas. Blazing heat and sun in the summer, plenty of rain, ice, and cold in the winter. It’s laid in the dirt for several days on multiple occasions, to the point that ants decided to make their home in it. While it has started to fade and I’m not sure how much longer it will last, it should have bit the dust a year ago the way I have treated it. This thing has kept my bike in tip-top shape and I’m glad I purchased it.

The only complaint I have is the elastic band that keeps it snug on your bike makes it a bit tough to get on and off. I can see some folks ripping their cover when it snags on sharp it hot objects on the bike. But that band is what keeps it in place. I’ve had wind storms that have blown away my shed and moved my house from its foundation, but this cover stayed put (without even securing the clips it comes with. Further, it seems to have held up just fine even though I cuss at getting it on and off sometimes. It is well worth both the money and the time I spend putting it on, there’s no way my KLR would have handled two years of Arkansas climate without t it.

2. Nuzari Premium Weather Resistant Covers

These covers come with built-in air vents that allow the moisture to evaporate, preventing the formation of mildew and rust while letting your bike dry even more quickly. Also, the air vents allow air to pass through which will prevent the balloon effect that normally knocks down motorcycles during high winds. Nuzari Motorcycle covers, you’re protected against UV rays, rain, dust, wind and most of the other environmental dangers and pollutants.

Even if it rains all day and night, with this waterproof motorcycle cover, you can sleep with ease at night knowing that your bike is completely dry. It also has Luggage Strap that adds extra security during strong winds. The luggage strap is also adjustable to accommodate large motorcycles, as well.

Customer questions & answers

Question: What is the denier and thread count of the fabric?

Answer: All I can tell you is that this cover is made of a 400 grade polyester fabric. It's a relatively thick, silky material. We have another that is a 300 grade polyester that is more like a canvas material.

Question: What size cover for yamaha fjr1300?

Answer: The medium cover will fit your bike perfectly and will cover both wheels down to the ground.

Question: What size for a 2017 Harley 500?

Answer: The medium cover would fit your bike perfectly with plenty of room to spare. It will cover both wheels down to the ground.

Customer Review

I will say this, I love the cover. It exceeded my expectations. I got this particular cover and size because I have a Harley Deuce fully customized. I have 18" apes on it and a custom rear softail with a fatty on the back. Well your cover fit perfectly over the apes and over the front wheel to the ground. It allows for my long spike type foot controls and over the rear to the ground with plenty to spare. I use a bungee cord wrapped around the rear because of the excess material. I don't care about that, small issue in protecting my baby. I have had Harleys 51 years of riding. I've been through a few bikes and a hell of a lot of covers. You beat them all. Great price for a great cover. I have attached a pic of the beast that it covers. Don't have one with the cover on but I assure you, there is more than enough cover.

3. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover

Made of high quality nylon oxford material,protect your motorcycle against rain, dust, tree & inclement weather with top to bottom coverage. Unlike other car and vehicle covers that trap heat, our breathable bike cover releases heat and water to protect your seat.

Designed to fit multiple motorcycles up to 108 inch from Harley Davidson to Honda, Suzuki to Kawasaki, Yamaha our cover fits most on and off-road standard-sized bikes.

Customer Review

I picked this up as a lightning deal for my 98 Wide Glide. It sits in the garage predominantly and functions as a dust magnet. You know, nice paint attracts dust yada yada. I figured 15 bucks, what the heck be good for the garage. Blue tarps have metal grommets.

I’m impressed. Sewn in elastic around the bottom. Sharp orange and black contrast. Bottom buckle straps to hold it in place if your trailering it unenclosed.

My scooters stock ride height, engine guards, Memphis Shade on the front and it fits it perfectly. Check out the pictures. I bought this not expecting the quality. Guess I won’t have to be dusting the bike every time I want to stretch it’s legs.

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