Best Wheel Cleaning Brush 2020

If your passion for your car is too high, you definitely care about it being clean. The cars have very detailed and difficult areas to be cleaned, one of these difficult areas is the wheels. You can use the most suitable products wheel cleaning brush to clean the wheels. We have listed the best 3 types of brushes for you.

1. Brush Hero Wheel Cleaning Brush

Car wheels, greasy grills, dusty patio furniture, muddy boots, dingy vinyl siding, brush hero makes these dreaded cleaning projects fun and easy. Completely water-powered, this wheel cleaning brush requires no batteries or electricity. You just screw it on to any standard garden hose.

With steady torque and a powerful scrub, this outperforms any wheel brush on the market. Way better than manual and preferable to screwing a brush onto your power drill. Steady torque provides maximum scrub. Speedy spin makes a big, wet mess.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Does the brush continue to spin when pressure is applied to the wheel?

Answer: Yes! This is one of the coolest features of the Hero- it *can* be stopped with very firm hand pressure or my pushing it too firmly into a small space but in general use it rarely happens. Water pressure will impact torque (turning force) so using the unit with an under-pressured system (for example, a well supply) could result in decreased torque that would make the brush easier to stop.

Question: Will the brush work with one of those expandable, light garden hoses?

Answer: Sure- the important part is the hose thread at the end which *should* be standard on any hose purchased in the US. If the hose works with a normal nozzle or sprayer, it will work with the Hero.

Question: Does the Brush Hero clean brake dust from Mercedes rims?

Answer: Absolutely- it will clean any car's rims and can fit into crevices as small as 1/2 in diameter (BBS wheels, valve stem areas, lug nut recesses, etc). For tougher grit, use the firm bristle white brush, for fine finishes, use the softer black brush.

We recommend that you prep the surface with a spray cleaning solution (aka soap) and then use the Hero from the bottom of the tire/wheel up. The Hero has such a strong rinsing action that washing from the top down will rinse your soap off the wheel before you get there with the brush!

Customer Review

For all those negative reviews out there this review should eliminate any hesitation you may have buying this wheel cleaning brush. First of all its not expensive, that aside of it were twice the price it would be worth the money. My brush hero worked perfectly. I bought this because I HATE dirty wheels and i equally HATE cleaning mine! Well I used to. With a little TSP (aka wheel cleaner) and the brush hero my wheels look spotless. I have a car that produces a lot of brake dust (E46) so my wheels get dirty quickly. The brush hero requires two things to work (aside from proper water pressure and volume), patience and technique. It doesn't spin fast but has plenty of torque.

This means you move along slowly and do NOT apply a lot of pressure. The latter will only ruin the brush head, if you move along too quickly it will leave spots if unbrushed areas you'll need to go back over. If I have any suggestion it is to add more brush styles. I ordered the bigger brush (can't remember the name but its something like Gladiator or some foolish name with too much hubris for a tool) which may address this concern. I highly suggest this gadget. It may even rise to the level of tool. And if you made a metal version for 2x the price I'd buy that as I'm guessing this plastic version won't last more than a year or so.

2. TAKAVU Wheel Brush

This flexible brush is great for cleaning between wheel spokes, the area between the rotor and the inside of the wheel, and any other tough to reach areas.

The 9.5” brush head allows you to quickly clean your wheels and is long enough that you will not bang your knuckles on your wheels. Designed for professional automotive detailers and car care enthusiasts.

Just only a bucket water with our wheel tire brush and soap,clean your wheel rims by hand. Easily reaches delicate nooks and crannies in wheels rims and tyre.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Will this brush scratch my aluminum wheels?

Answer: The brush is gental on chrome and aluminum. You're not going to have any problems! It's a "must" buy!

Question: what is the diameter of this brush?

Answer: When it is hanging up it is as wide as a hand, but the bristles fold back and forth in use so it can slide between small gaps such as between rotor and rim.

Question: Is it safe to use on powder coated rims?

Answer: Yes, it is safe, for powder coated rims. It will not harm the coating nor create scratches. I had my brush for about a month, and I have not seen any scratches on my rims as of now.

Customer Review

This wheel brush used it to clean the wheels of my car. There was some nasty build-up of brake dust and road grime on the inner wheels that a normal brush couldn't reach easily. The bristles wash off extremely easily and show promise, but I haven't used it long enough to give a firm verdict. Speaking of firm, the brush isn't very stiff. It's like a glorified pipe-cleaner. It WILL bend if you apply above moderate force.

This can be an advantage for hard angles in engine bays or to prevent scratches and damage. Bending it back isn't hard, but like a pipe-cleaner it will never again be straight as an arrow. But it's straight enough for brushing away dirt and grime, which is it's job. It is fairly thin, which helps the bristles stay firm and you can get it in those tight spots easy. All in all, It worked wonders for my first clean.

3. Adam's Wheel Cleaning Brush

Adam's Large wheel cleaning brush is the solution for cleaning the wide variety of sizes and designs of today's intricate wheels. It's great for cleaning wheels with larger openings around wheel spokes and brake calipers, and deeper barrels. High-performance brakes and tight clearances around wheels, fenders, and other areas of your car can make cleaning these areas difficult, but with Adam's Large Wheel Woolie, you can clean these areas much more effectively!

Customer Review

First off, Adams just seems like a great company. On both Amazon, their website, etc. they have really amazing educational content for their products. This thing was super easy to use as a part of their wider wheel cleaning brush (including surface prep, gunk cleaner, etc).

I used this on all of the rims on my Kia Soul and couldn’t believe the difference it made. I highly recommend this product to anyone who likes to clean their car as it really gets in the spaces that are hard to get (around the brakes etc). Keeping the rims clean is imperative to a clean car! Details matter and this produce makes it super easy to get in there!

This is a much needed wheel cleaning brush the barrel of a wheel. I have seen many people take the wheel off of a car to clean it but this does the job with removing the wheel. I used the Sonax wheel cleaner plus and waited a few minutes. I then agitated the barrel with this brush and the brake dust and dirt came right off. Made the cleaning process so much easier! Highly recommended for someone that is detailing their cars wheels!

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